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Front loader test rig

Wear if pivoting, single trip mode
Lubricated steel bushing on 42CrMo4 shaft

Pivot angle: 48°; load: 29.5MPa

Test result

We performed this test for a customer; both the shafts (42CrMo4) and the bearings (hardened steel bushings) were provided by the customer. The test with the lubricated steel bearings was terminated prematurely as the system began to seize up and, at worst, this could have damaged the bearing mount.
In pivoting applications, there can be insufficient lubrication after only a short time as the grease is pressed out of the load area. This is not a problem for maintenance-free iglidur plain bearings as they are not dependent on external lubrication.

Steel bushing on 42CrMo4 shaft  


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