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Automated book scanner

robolink® turns the pages

This automatic book scanner from EPS GmbH has been equipped with a robolink® D, which turns pages and initiates scanning of the next page as soon as a page has been scanned. The articulated arm is able to turn pages made of highly sensitive paper in different book sizes by means of a suction effect generated between a special tool and the page. As this process is completely automated, employees can concentrate on more demanding tasks and the monotonous turning of pages is reliably performed by the articulated robot arm.


Technical implementation

For the book scanner, a 3DOF robolink® D and a self-programmed PLC were used. Thanks to the high degree of modularity of robolink®, it was not only possible to tailor the articulated arm exactly to the requirements of the application, it was also possible to mount the suction tool without any problems even this tool was independently developed by the customer.


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