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Maintenance-free polymer bearings in mobile and stationary sawmills

Each of these sawmills is a customer-specific individual production. It is used either in Germany or at another location in the world. But the requirements for the functionality are always the same: The mobile sawmill has to work perfectly, be easy to operate and be easy to look after and maintain whatever the weather. Lubrication-free plastic plain and linear plain bearings master all the necessary tasks.
"From Dubai to Sumatra, from Siberia to Panama - there is almost no country on earth where our efficient sawmills are not used," says Hans Fritz, CEO of SERRA Maschinenbau GmbH in Rimsting. "From the inexpensive entry-level model for the hobby sawyer up to the highly professional sawmill, we supply a tailor-made solution for every requirement. At the same time, the components, which have proven themselves under the demanding operating conditions of wood finishing, also meet all other requirements, for example in mechanical and plant engineering".

Mobile wide band sawmill

Mobile wide band sawmill "Montana" for log diameters up to 90 cm uses iglidur plain bearings



Depending on the area of application, the bearing points are subject to large temperature fluctuations. The machines are used in extremely hot and extremely cold environments.  In addition, there is a heavy load of dirt and dust.  During the working process, shocks and impacts occur that additionally stress the bearing points.  


With plastic plain bearings made of the material iglidur J, SERRA Maschinenbau GmbH has found a maintenance-free and lubrication-free solution.  Since no oil or grease is required, dust, dirt and wood shavings do not adhere to the bearing points.  The resulting shocks and impacts are absorbed by the plain bearings, as these have a vibration-dampening effect.  With a permanently low coefficient of friction, they ensure uniform movement in the application.  

"For some years now we have been increasingly using plastic plain bearings at various locations in our sawmills. They prove themselves in the harshest working conditions, are lubrication-free and are also very easy to install".
Manfred Rosam, Head of Design, SERRA Maschinenbau GmbH


Bumps, splinters, and sawdust

Great heat in desert regions, severe frost in Siberia, high humidity in the rainforest: the weather must not have any influence on the functionality of the mobile and stationary sawmills. In addition, when handling logs, there is an extremely high impact load as well as huge amounts of wood splinters, sawdust and dust during the actual work process. With hourly outputs of up to 10 m³, any timber dimension can be cut safely, quickly and flexibly. "We supply high-quality machines and are always up to date with technical developments," says the Head of the Design Office, Manfred Rosam. "We offer our customers sophisticated technical solutions. For some years now, we have increasingly been using plastic plain bearings at various locations in our sawmills. They prove themselves in the harshest working conditions, are lubrication-free and are also very easy to install," Rosam points out some of the advantages.
Particularly in the successful model "Montana", the mobile wide band sawmill for log diameters up to 90 cm, as many as 40 tribologically optimised polymer bearings from the bearing specialist igus GmbH, Cologne, are used - and the trend is still rising. The professional sawmill was introduced in the second half of 2006 and is now successfully in operation worldwide. For example, plain bearings made of the material iglidur J prove themselves here in the angular stops and the pre-cutter. The drylin linear plain bearings with iglidur J liner show their strength in level compensation. The flexible guide system drylin W, also with liner, is used in the saw blade guide. The material iglidur J is best suited for most applications in the linear range due to its wear and friction properties. Therefore numerous igus linear plain bearings are equipped with this material.

Tribologically optimised polymer bearings from igus are used for the rotary and displacement movements.

Tribologically optimised polymer bearings from igus are used for the rotary and displacement movements.


Wood finishing at any site

More and more forest holders, craftsmen, farmers or sawmill operators know the advantages of mobile sawmills: on four wheels, the saw reaches any place where wood needs to be processed at any time. Whether boards, beams or slats, different model sizes and price ranges meet every customer requirement. "Today we have more than 1,000 mobile and stationary systems in use worldwide," reports CEO Hans Fritz. "In Germany alone we are one of the leading manufacturers, having sold more than 400 wide band sawmills. " Manfred Rosam, Head of the Design Office: "We want to offer our customers constant innovation. Above all, the topic of weight reduction plays a very important role for us. The plastic bearings from igus naturally play a special role here. “
The light but robust polymer bearings are used in all places where rotary or displacement movements occur in sawmills. They substitute ball bearings or greased steel on steel guides. The level compensation in particular is very rough. Here each log is levelled individually, the wood is clamped and pressed onto the supports. The iglidur J material for the linear guide liners ensures very good coefficients of friction. It is specifically designed for linear applications. The drylin linear guide system is a dry operating system, i.e. it lubricates itself dry and is extremely dirt-resistant and robust. "We have been using the linear guide liners in various sawmills for about six years. They have proven themselves right from the start," sums up Manfred Rosam.

Mobile and stationary saw mills

The drylin linear system for adjusting the saw blade guide.

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