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Automatic lock for a convertible top

manus® 2005

"So that the arrester hook (four-joint link) releases not only the base-plate rollers, but also the structural end position, a low-friction bearing of the rotary axle is indispensable due to the one-sided drive and the low elasticity in open position.

  • The tool for a new flang bearing can be supplied by igus® at a favorable price.
  • Only a simple modification was required on the installation tool for the flange bearings.
  • A potential spring effect between the draft angle of the supporting part and the free flange of the bearing (wall thickness on flange partly reduced by 0.5 mm) contributes to reduce the maximum attainable clearance yet again by 0.1 mm.
By the use of the calibratable flange bearing, the maximum axial clearance could be lowered from 1.5 mm to 0.5 mm. ”

Rudi Grünberger, "EDSCHA Cabrio-Dachsysteme GmbH", Hengersberg

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