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igus® solutions for the oil and gas industry

Moving energy supply systems that function under extreme conditions

Dirt, saltwater, vibrations, extreme temperatures, high levels of mechanical stress and the risk of explosion are the most frequently occurring problems that impair the performance of drilling equipment and other devices used for oil and gas extraction. In such surroundings, where downtimes are costly, the energy chains from igus® offer the performance characteristics needed to ensure smooth and continuous operation.

Your benefits:

  • Systems supplier for ready-to-connect complete systems
  • 100% corrosion-free, seawater-resistant and tried-and-tested for heavy duty applications
  • Offshore suitability based on many years of experience
  • Longer service life, e.g. compared to service loops
  • Weight-saving of up to 70% compared with steel chains
  • Detectable components (smart plastics) for prediction of maintenance times
  • Cables specially developed for e-chains® with corresponding certificates for the oil and gas industry
  • Lower costs and increase the safety of equipment
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Pre-harnessed energy chain systems (readychain®) with chainflex® cables in top drive systems


Suitable products for the oil and gas industry

e-chain® Series E4.112  
e-chain® Series E4.112

  • Robust and up to 70% lighter than steel
  • Special interior separation system prevents parts from falling out
  • Modular design

e-chain® Series E4.350  
e-chain® Series E4.350

  • Tried and tested for heavy loads up to 650 kg/m
  • For example, for use in the case of cantilever skids
  • Up to 50% lighter than steel chains

Offshore chain (OSC)  
Offshore chain (OSC)

  • Modular design guarantees that cables can be reached
  • Tensile forces up to 187 kN possible
  • Cable protection in extremely adverse conditions

Harnessed cables  
Harnessed cables

  • Ready-to-connect cables with industry-specific connectors
  • Harnessing of EX connectors
  • Tested according to corresponding industry standards

Harnessed energy supply modules  
Ready-to-connect energy chain systems

  • 95% less harnessing time
  • Reduce assembly time
  • Plug & play solutions, e.g. for top drives

RBR rotation systems  
Turnkey complete systems

  • Rotation systems with up to 900° rotation
  • Easy integration into the customer's structure
  • Extended system guarantee possible

Application examples of our customers

Land rig  
Installation times and maintenance work reduced on fully automated land rig

Complete systems from a single source for all moving machines such as pipe handling devices and top drives on this full automated land rig

Pipe racker systems  
Successful for many years in offshore use

Even under extremely high loads and in the rough conditions on oil rigs, corrosion-free, lightweight energy chains of the E4.1 series are able to demonstrate their strengths.

Cost-effective complete systems shorten and facilitate installation

Here, among other things, several RBR systems are used with energy chains in the joints of the robot, whereby the energy chains are responsible for the supply of energy, data and media. Technical development, which was very complex due to the extremely limited installation space, was carried out by theigus® project engineering team.

Cantilever skids  
Weight-saving and cost-effective

In the case of cantilever skids, heavy-duty applications are a basic prerequisite and can be implemented with the E4.350 series in a cost-effective and weight-saving manner.

Tests: FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) and function test

FAT: E4.350 energy chain as hook solution for installations in the oil and gas industry


Function test: igus® RBR rotation systems in bucket-wheel excavators


Your expert on the oil and gas industry

Tim Schneebeck  

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Industry manager:Tim Schneebeck
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Engineering service  
Engineering service

From the first sketch to installation and on-site commissioning

Assembly service  
Assembly service

Installation of energy chains with all components, with guarantee

Test laboratory  

Product quality is regularly checked and certified

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