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LED isense carriages from drylin igus  

Function check at the touch of a button

new drylin® W isense linear carriage with LED display

No integration in IT environments, no interface issues. With the new drylin® isense linear carriage, the function and wear test is carried out simply at the push of a button. With the flashing of green everything is ok and the linear carriage can be operated further. The red LED recommends a bearing replacement and this can be easily done. In less than 30 seconds directly on the rail without disassembly.

  • Fast offline check
  • Easy handling and visualisation by LED
  • For drylin® W profile guides and linear modules
  • Available in 2 installation sizes: 10 and 16
  • Set of spare bearing liners available from stock
  • Bearing replacement with practical mounting tool

Tech up with igus news  
Tech up

  • Linear carriage with function check by means of head pressure
  • Wear sensor directly integrated in the liner
  • Predictable maintenance intervals through signal when the wear limit of 0.5mm is reached
  • For drylin® W linear systems and drylin® ZLW toothed belt axes

Cost down with igus news  
Cost down

  • Direct use without integration in local IT environment
  • Liners for bearing replacement can be ordered as a set
  • Quick bearing replacement of drylin® W exchange bearings within seconds
  • Short downtimes since bearings can be changed without dismantling the linear unit

Evidence from igus news  

  • Long-lasting batteries
  • Function tested in the igus® laboratory
  • Clear statement: green-> ok, red -> bearing replacement recommended

Recycling with igus news  

  • Long service life due to iglidur J200 liners
  • All metallic components can be reused when replacing bearings
  • 100% lubrication-free operation

Because simple is easy

We have developed the LED carriage for this purpose

With the LED carriage, we offer a product that does not require time-consuming integration or training. One push of a button and you know whether the liner needs to be changed or not.  
We didn't want to present this solution, which is simple for anyone at first sight, as an innovation. The LED carriage seemed too trivial to us. But after much positive feedback and interest in our LED rail we decided to go for it.

NTP27 solid polymer telescopic rod from igus  
LED carriage from igus  

As linear guide or integrated in toothed belt axis

LED carriage from igus  

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Application examples of our drylin products

igus® in the storage technology of a blister centre

igus® bearing technology in an automated blister centre. Automated medicine handling for chemist shops/pharmacies: with over 7,500 systems installed worldwide, Rowa Systems from Becton Dickinson is a clear leader in this market segment.

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igus® components in KHS labelling machines

Numerous rotary and linear bearings from the igus® product range are not the only ones installed in KHS GmbH's labelling machines. igus® also supplies complete, ready-to-install modules such as adjustment systems and guide rollers, etc.

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Linear guide components for 3D printers

Technology-oriented start-up businesses are more daring than others in deploying emerging technologies in new, marketable products. This is also true of fabmaker GmbH, Braunschweig, which has developed a 3D printer for educational purposes.

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