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New drylin® W econ rail profiles WS-10-CA from igus

Save and design

New drylin® W econ rail profiles

Linear rails made of aluminium with clear anodised coating (CA=clear anodised) are now available for the drylin® W profile guide 10,16 and 20 with round shape. In price-sensitive environments and in applications where durability, chemical resistance and precision are not top priorities, the new econ CA rails offer a real alternative. Due to their consistent silver colour, econ CA profiles are also ideally suited for use as visible parts, for example in furniture construction.


  • Consistent silver rail finish
  • "econ" cost-effective and corrosion-free due to clear anodised coating
  • Available as drylin® W single rails and double rails in installation sizes 10/16/20 (round)
  • Suitable for all drylin® W single bearing housings and linear carriages
  • Lifelong rattle-free through combination with pre-loaded drylin® W linear bearings series WJ200UM-01-Pxx
  • Individual bearing clearance adjustment by using WJ200UME-01 bearing housings

Tech up with igus news

Tech up

  • Clear anodised rails with round geometry (size 10,16,20) for the modular linear system
  • Corrosion-free clear anodised surface finish
  • Consistent silver colour ideal for decorative visible parts
  • High flexibility in construction due to single and double shafts
  • Clearance reduction due to bearings WJ200UME-01-10/16/20
  • Rattle-free pre-loaded bearings WJ200UM-01-ø-P

Cost down with igus news

Cost down

  • 15% more cost-effective than the hard-anodised version
  • All profiles available from stock
  • Millimetre accurate saw cuttings

Evidence from igus news


  • Service life can be calculated online
    Clear anodised tested in salt spray test NSS according to DIN EN 9227 / ASTM B-117
  • Coefficient of friction and wear tested in the igus laboratory

Recycling with igus news


  • 66% weight saving due to use of aluminium instead of steel
  • lower inertia
  • Lubrication-free use also possible in emission-critical environments

Clear anodised rails in installation sizes 10, 16 & 20

Coefficients of friction of drylin films on anodised rails

We developed the linear rails with clear anodised finish for this purpose

The clear anodising provides the rails with a consistent silver appearance. In every rail. Thus they serve well whenever they are used as visible parts.   We recommend using the new clear anodised rails with adjustable or pre-loaded igus® linear bearings.  

Linear rail with clear anodised finish from igus

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