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manus® 2011

Hand prosthesis - Bronze Award at manus® 2011

Grip and feel

Is there a more suitable contribution to the manus® competition? For people who have to live with the loss of a finger or part of the hand, there was previously no satisfactory prosthesis. These prosthetic hands and fingers are moved electrically and enable very realistic movement patterns and thus completely new options. The big challenge in the development was to find a solution that can be realized in a small space with the proviso of a functional and aesthetically pleasing design. The metacarpophalangeal joint is moved directly by a geared motor, in such a way that the middle joint is carried along by a flexible connection. All the axes involved in the movement are supported by plastic bushings made of iglidur® J that are made from a semi-finished product. Overall, a total of eight bearings are fitted per finger, which reliably absorb the different loads (static, pulsetype and oscillating) that occur.

Vincent Systems GmbH, Dr. Stefan Schulz, Weingarten, Germany
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Winner of manus® 2011

Machine for frying Spanish omelettes

Gold Award at manus® 2011: Machine for frying Spanish omelettes of Carmelo Lagunas Escudero, Spain

Machine for frying Spanish omelettes    

String trimmer-cutting disc

Silver Award at manus® 2011: String trimmer-cutting disc of PRODULEX UNIPESSOAL LDA, Portugal

String trimmer-cutting disc    

Robot head

Special Award at manus® 2011: Robot Head of Archimedes Solutions GmbH, Germany

Robot head    
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