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Modern applications for machine tool manufacturers for environments with hot chips

If swarf damages the cables in the energy chain of a machine tool during turning, milling or drilling, igus energy tubes are the solution. They protect the moving cables reliably against swarf. If the swarf is very hot, igus energy chains from the tried and tested material igumid HT are the remedy to protect the cables against damages and avoid expensive downtimes. igumid HT is resistant to hot swarf burning in at up to 850°; furthermore, no hot chips stick to the cable guide. All E2 and E4 e-tubes from the standard product range are also available in the heat-resistant material HT. Alternatively, you can find aluminium lids for igus plastic energy tubes, too.
If your application has the above-mentioned requirements, please feel free to contact us.

Streetcar switches

The applied material repels chips with temperatures up to 850° C without leaving a trace.

Streetcar switches    

CNC machining center

High-temperature energy tubes for CNC machining centers withstand high temperatures and defy the ubiquitous flying chips.

CNC machining center    

Safety doors

The screen doors of this large milling center are operated electrically.

Safety doors    


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