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2000HP Jack Up Rig | Cantilever & Drill Floor Skid

igus® e-chains® Series 800 and E4.112

2000HP Jack Up Rig with igus® e-chains® Series 800 and E4.112 with a central band for high additional loads. The reverse e-chain® systems for the cantilever use a gliding multi-band chain on the drill floor, reducing the installation space required for the system. Due to the low supporting distance for the energy chains, all cable diameters can be safely guided, resulting in a fail-safe and maintenance-free system.

Series 800

Inner height hi: 200 mm
Inner widths Bi: 200 – 600 mm
Bend radii R: 325 – 1000 mm
Pitch: 250 mm

Series E4.112

Inner height hi: 112 mm
Inner widths Bi: 50 – 600 mm
Bend radii R: 200 – 1000 mm
Pitch: 143 mm


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