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Front loader test rig

Wear if pivoting, single trip mode
Plain bearings on a galvanised shaft in a comparison

Pivot angle: 55°; load: 22MPa

Test result

Not all iglidur materials are suitable for use on a galvanised surface. The reason for galvanising is to protect the treated material against corrosion. In a bearing system, therefore, it is not only necessary to consider the wear rate but also the condition of the counter partner, in this case the galvanised shaft. In the interaction with iglidur Q2, there is a considerably high degree of wear and it can also be observed that the galvanised surface of the shaft has been "run in". In this contact area, there will no longer be any protection against corrosion. In the interaction with iglidur Z, in contrast, the wear rate is very low and the shaft surface has not been attacked in any way. The wear of the metal-rolled bearing is relatively minor. However, even in this system, the surface is no longer intact. The danger of corrosion and the resulting consequences are severe.

Metal composite bearings on galvanised shaft

Metal composite bearings on galvanised shaft

iglidur® Q2 on galvanised shaft

iglidur Q2 on galvanised shaft

iglidur® Z on galvanised shaft

iglidur Z on galvanised shaft

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