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Preassembled energy chain systems for laser cutting machines

Dynamics and precision in focus

The advantages of the laser cut brought to the point at lightning speed. It's about a very flexible technology. Even small order quantities can be cost-efficiently processed on a laser cutting facility. Tools need not be made beforehand. The edge finishing is not applicable. Moreover, one can be flexible in the plate thickness and band width of the materials. The universally and flexibly usable laser cutting system Byspeed 3015 for plate formats of 3 x 1.5 m is on the market since 2001. The maximum axis acceleration amounts to 30 m/s² or 150 m/min, which corresponds to a capacity of 3 g. Dependent on the laser source, we cut steel of 0.5 to 25 mm, rust-free steel up to 15 mm and aluminum till 12 mm with this facility.

High demands on the supplier

The preassembled energy supply systems distributed under the name readychain® are used. The problem specification was to procure everything from one source and thus drastically reduce the number of suppliers. The company igus® was in charge of developing the laser cutting machine. Due to the extremely high demands on the dynamics, the energy chain had to be stable, rugged and not too heavy. The chain experiences very high cross accelerations especially on the Y axis. All physical factors act upon the energy chain here, which means pure stress. The preassembled energy supply system is filled with a multitude of control and drive cables. The motor cable for the Y axis therefore assumes the most significance. It is the cable with the largest diameter. The international orientation of the laser cutting machine plays a major role in the filling.

Bystronic Laser AG

Rain of sparks in laser cutting

Right in time at the installation site

In the supply with the preassembled readychain® systems, the so-called Kanban process is used in Bystronic. igus® is committed to keep ready a certain quantity of preassembled energy chain systems and to deliver them at the factory within a definite period of time. For this reason, igus® can fully flexibly respond to the requirements of Bystronic. The energy supply system is thus at the installation site right on time where it is mounted. Moreover igus® uses non-returnable packaging that can be simply disposed off without consequential costs. This system shortens the installation times at Bystronics; it doesn't have to store and the availability rises.

Supply right on time

Simple packaging without disposal costs - Kanban process

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