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e-chains® comparison test: igus® plastic e-tube R4.38L vs. competitor's enclosed energy chain in hybrid design (plastic/metal)

e-tube R4.38L

In a comparison test in the industry's largest test laboratory in Cologne, igus® compared its plastic R4.38L energy chain with a competitor's product. In a fracture test, the two chains were evaluated in respect of their appearance, their behaviour when subjected to tensile forces and their load capacity; their ease of installation was also assessed.

igus® R4.38L Competitor´s chain
1.5 m unsupported length with
4 kg/m additional weight
No sagging after 96 hours
(96 mm)
19 mm sag
Tensile test The R4.38L copes with a tensile force of 7,481 N, which is more than
the competitor's chain.
2.200 N
Fracture test The R4.38L copes with a tensile force of 1,590 N, which is more that
the competitor's chain.
994 N
Ease of installation Snap open on both sides
Linkwise cutting possible
Interior separation possible
Not snap open
Cutting to length costly
Interior separation not

The igus® R4.38L e-tube is superior to the competitor's product with regard to all the aspects tested.

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