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Save assembly time with the fastest to assemble e-chain®


Optimise your assembly processes with igus® energy chains and the new, unique interior separation
product range for the E4.1L series

Due to the new improved separator systems 38.11 and 48.11, individual interior separation of the energy chain becomes even easier, reducing assembly and harnessing times. If vertical interior cable separation is required, the shelves are inserted into the new separator, which can then be closed by folding the pivoted crossbar shut to prevent the shelf from falling out. The rounded edges of the crossbars and separators of the chain also ensure a long service life for cables and hoses.
Reduce assembly and harnessing time due to

Easy accessibility of the entire interior space

Easy accessibility from both sides

The unique interior separation system

Fast opening mechanism


How does it work?

Simple assembly of energy chains: E4.48L vs. E4.42

Watch the video to see how quickly and easily the E4.1L can be assembled compared to a standard e-chain®. Whereas the elements of the interior separation system of the E4.1 series have to be joined together individually, the separators of the E4.1L series can be assembled first, after which the shelves can be inserted. This procedure reduces your assembly time by up to 80%, meaning your specialist personnel can use this time for other, more important tasks.
In addition to shortening the assembly time, the new separator also has advantages when it comes to maintenance. Cables that have already harnessed with connectors, even with large connector diameters, can now be easily replaced. It is now only necessary to open the crossbars and remove the shelves and then you can replace any of the cables.

Reduce assembly time with additional igus® products

E2 micro - Easy to open with e-chain® opener
easy chain® - simply press cables in


Energy chain that can be opened quickly and easily with the specially developed e-chain® opener. In addition, the crossbars can be opened from the side or from above with a screw driver. The interior also has cable and hose-friendly contours.

E2 micro

E2.1 micro

The series E2(i). 10 and E2(i). 15 are small two-section energy chains that can be opened quickly and easily with the specially developed e-chain® opener. The interior separation product range is easy to assemble.

easy chain®

easy chain®

The easy chain® offers a very high price/performance ratio. It comprises just one part per link, which is why the energy chain is so easy to assemble. Filling this series with cables is very easy in that the elastic material igumid NB makes it easy to move the wings for unhindered insertion of the cables. The series is available with wing crossbars along the inner or outer radius. The two types can be combined with each other.



The zipper e-chains® are probably the fastest to open. The zipper function shortens the assembly times considerably. The zipper e-chains® are available as open and closed energy chains.



50% time reduction when stripping chainflex® cables With just a few movements by hand, the jacket can be opened like a zipper to the desired length by simply pulling the special tear strip.

Save even more assembly time with systems that have already been harnessed in advance

Industrially harnessed energy chain systems direct from the manufacturer

Ready-to-connect readychain® modules with energy chains, cables, connectors, hoses, hydraulic elements, pneumatic components, steel parts, sensors, PLCs, bearings, linear guides and further machine components reduce the assembly time and effort to a minimum.

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Order a free sample now and discover the benefits of the E4.1L, the energy chain that can be harnessed faster than any other!

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What does 'lean' actually mean?

Making a system lean means that its individual components are ideally matched to each other, making it more slender. The aim is to avoid waste and, at the same time, increase efficiency. To achieve this, the system has to be considered from two viewpoints. On the one hand, from the customer's point of view, in order to fulfil his wishes and, on the other, from the company's point of view, in order to improve competitiveness and earnings. To comply with the lean assembly principle, igus® implements these properties in its energy chains in order to make time-saving assembly of energy chains possible, while also enabling fast and simple mounting and assembly of the cables.