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e-spool® with manual pull-out

e-spool manual

The e-spool® SPC1.300.5000.01.R.0 was specifically designed for applications in which only one cable will be pulled out by hand, for example, for control panels or wired tools.
In order to relieve the strain on the cable permanently, a latching mechanism has been integrated into the e-spool®; it works in a very similar way to a vacuum cleaner cable. This e-spool® is suitable only for manual operation.

Pull off a chainflex® cable directly

also suitable for media or air hoses

Handle with mounting option and strain relief

Ratchet to lock/release the retraction

Typical applications: cable-bound tools, control panels

Order no. retraction lengths
SPC1.300.5000.01.R.0 5000 Upon request Add to shopping cart
SPC1.300.5000.01.L.0 5000 Upon request Add to shopping cart
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