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Most different installation types for energy chains in CNC machine tools

Hanging, standing, turned, unsupported, no problem!

Description of application:

  • Plants: CNC machining tools (milling machines Dinomax and control platform machines Spirit)
  • Customer requirements: 
    • Different installation types
    • Guide cables and hydraulic hoses safely
  • Solution from igus: 
DINOMAX from the company FPT INDUSTRIE S. p.A. is a milling machine with movable crossbeam in gantry design. In the x-axis the gantry machine has a stroke of 10 metres. And SPIRIT is a control platform machine with a stroke of 8000 mm and 1750 mm in the Y and Z axis, at a speed of 25 metres per minute.

Energy chains in CNC machine tools

igus solutions:

DINOMAX To divide the weight of the filling, it was decided to install the energy chains one inside the other. The outer chain guides the cables, while the inner chain guides the hydraulic hoses. Together they carry a filling weight of 24 kg per metre.
SPIRIT The Series 5050 e-chains are used in this machine installed as unsupported.