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Roller bearing in a deburring system for circuit boards

In a deburring system for circuit boardsxiros® B180 polymer ball bearings are used to mount the rollers. The main reasons are the corrosion resistance and freedom from lubrication. In terms of service life, the xiros® ball bearings were able to achieve a sensational result compared to metallic ball bearings after a one-year test run. Due to the humid environment the metallic bearing option, which must be completely degreased, corroded quite quickly, got stuck and ultimately malfunctioned.

In the xiros® B180 ball bearings of installation size 6001, almost no differences could be detected with regard to wear and backlash after the tests were completed. The machine is now completely re-equipped with the polymer ball bearings.

Roller bearings  
Roller bearings  
Roller bearings  
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