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Plastic bearings in coated guide rollers

The xiros® plastic ball bearings B180 are used in coated guide rollers of different machines and provides the material guidance. The ball bearings are used in the pressure roller before the intermediate drive, whereby the pressure roller is adjusted to the drive roller with a defined pressure force. The combination of the guide roller and the intermediate drive is meant not only to drive the product but also to create a web tension in the material, so that different wrap angles can be set on the intermediate drive using the variable position of the guide roller. The different coatings of the rollers serve to protect the material as well as to take the material better.

The new lubricant-free xiros® polymer ball bearings are intended to replace the previously used metal ball bearings, because the latter could be used only in the oiled version to achieve a lower rolling friction. This was noticeable in increased costs and delivery times.

Compared to its predecessor, the newly introduced polymer ball bearings offer the following advantages:

Low friction


Lubricant free


Quick availability

The xiros® polymer ball bearings used now are cheaper by one-half and are supplied faster than the previously used bearings. Moreover, the low weight, low friction and the freedom from lubricants are congenial for the application.

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