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Innovation with Polymers

The story of igus® begins on 15th October 1964 with Günter Blase in a double garage in Cologne-Mülheim.
For the first twenty years, we worked as a supplier of complex technical polymer components.

In 1983 Frank Blase starts our own product lines Energy Chain Systems® and polymer bearings as well as a network of sales engineers.
Between 1985 and 2016, we grew from 40 to more than 2950 igus® employees, distributed the world over.
We will continue to invest in expansion for the coming years.
The opportunities are there thanks to modern materials!

igus® Solar System our organisation since 1989

Our customers are as important to us as the sun is to life on earth. The sun provides light, heat and energy, while our customers provide us with ideas, work and money.
Our structure: Team leader management in a single system geared toward dealing with the laws of chaos. And nearly every team member acts as an independent manager from the start.
"To manage" actually translates into "Accomplishing a task successfully".
Nothing impresses customers all over the world more than speed! Worldwide deliveries the same day, quotes submitted within a matter of hours, visits the very next day. With 36 branches we are already fast, but intend to get faster. After German, English is our second corporate language.
We invest a lot in individual and professional consultations onsite, at exhibitions, on the phone and online.
This activity is supported by detailed catalogues in paper and CD-ROM format,
as well as this fully comprehensive website.

A few facts:

igus® was founded in 1964

locations in 35 countries and partners in another 80 countries

Currently approx. 2950 employees worldwide

Between 1500 and 2500 new products every year


We have an open system everyone can directly contact anyone else, we all work at identical desks, have the same uniform, eat the same food at our cafeteria and go to the same toilets.

We constantly engage in further training in the area of products, software programs, foreign languages, company seminars, group courses, technical seminars for business personnel and much more.

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Frank BlaseFrank Blase
Frank Blase CEO

Harald Nehring
Harald Nehring Energy Chain Systems®

Gerhard Baus
Gerhard Baus Bearings


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