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E2/000 energy chain, openable from both sides in the outer radius

Inner height [hi]: 21 - 45 mm
Inner widths [Bi]: 15 - 255 mm
Bend radii [R]: 35 - 300 mm
Pitch: 33.3 - 67 mm
  • Right mounting brackets can be found under "Suitable products"
  • Design: Openable from both sides along the outer radius
Product description
The E2/000 system: Easy and versatile installation combined with robustness - high strength combined with quiet operation, long service life of the cables and a variety of mounting options.

When do I need the series:
  • If a medium-sized, strong system is required
  • For long travels up to 150 m
  • If an optimised opening system is required to quickly open the crossbars from either the left or right
  • Multiple mounting options
When not to use the series:
  • If a stronger, light, cost-effective e-chain/e-tube is required ►E4.1L system
  • For very simple applications with fast filling ►System easy chain
Technical data