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Application examples from medical technology

igus® offers a huge modular kit from the energy supply/cable routing and cable protection sectors, highly flexible cables as well as lubrication-free and maintenance-free plain bearing solutions for all types of movement. Whether antimagnetic for use in MRT systems or extremely compact and exceptionally durable in prostheses.
igus® products in the area of medical technology

Successfully realised customer references

Imaging diagnostics (CT/MRI/X-ray)

For use in the vicinity of MRIs, infusion pumps, wheelchairs or patient beds, for example, are equipped with motion plastics® from igus®, i.e. plastics for dynamic applications. They are also used in X-ray or computer tomography applications. If necessary, motion plastics® can be configured and individually adapted to your particular application with free online tools.

Lab automation

When high throughput rates have to be ensured in automated laboratory equipment with a minimum need for maintenance and without contamination by lubricants, e.g. in robot cells for sample preparation, decapping and recapping, or pipetting.


Low-cost catalogue part or customised, multi-functional element - injection moulding solutions provide the desired range of functions at low cost, e.g. in endoscopy accessories, valve sets, breathing and dosing equipment.

Dental equipment and treatment units:

Sequences of movements without sticking or slipping - for treatment units or temperature-resistant moving elements used for sintering or melting furnaces. igus® motion plastics® are used, e.g. to adjust dental X-ray systems for each patient. 

Intensive-care systems

Continuous readiness for permanent or infrequent use. Foregoing additional lubricants does not mean that the properties change. igus® products are used in syringe pumps and nutrition pumps, respirators, incubators, anaesthesia equipment and carrier systems among other things.  

Optical systems

The absence of a need for open lubricants protects optical systems against problematic deposits. High loads can also be absorbed and even sensitive media such as fibre optic cables (FOCs) can be guided safely and reliably.  


The iglidur® materials, which are not prone to sticking or slipping and can be manufactured in special shapes, e.g. as pivot elements or lead screw modules in slit lamps, movable device carriers and holders, comfort seating systems, mobile and stationary eye-testing equipment and magnifying devices ensure this due to the absence of any need for additional lubricants.

Operating theatre equipment

igus energy chains are used for guiding electric and hydraulic cables even in the most confined spaces. iglidur plain bearings are used in worm gears for adjusting arm and leg rests, linear drives for height adjustment in lifting columns.

Sterilisation equipment

Their non-rusting property, resistance to steam and chemicals, and an absence of grease enable effective cleaning and long-term defect-free functioning. One of the most sensitive processes is therefore safeguarded.

Sterile material packaging

Packaging technology and product. For cleanroom or automation solutions in the manufacturing process. igus® products do not cause any additional contamination resulting from lubricants and are able to cope with most cleaning procedures.

Nursing and hospital beds

Noiseless and jerk-free movement of beds, easy operator control of side rails without snagging, and the discharge of electrostatic charges entail the same high requirements regarding bearing points as does high-volume production, e.g. by means of powder-coating or immersion-painting of pre-harnessed welding modules. This also applies to manual cleaning or disinfection by wiping associated with dosing and handling errors or automated cleaning in bed-linen washing facilities.

Rehab systems

From a therapeutic system for walking training to bathtub lifts or stairlifts for the elderly: high loads of the bearing points during jerk-free movements are required just as the longest service life possible at low acquisition and maintenance costs. Furthermore, different electric cables or additional media have to be reliably guided.  


Robustness when wheelchairs move over rough surfaces or when they have to be raised with heavy patients sitting in them - the mobility of wheelchair users must be guaranteed. Dirt adhesion and the resulting wear are avoided, while movement without sticking or slipping ensures that patients feel very comfortable. 

Prostheses & orthoses

Clean and maintenance-free use are only two properties that speak in favour of using iglidur® bearings in prostheses and orthoses. Furthermore, the bearings are extremely wear-resistant. Users describe the movement with the bearings as particularly fluent and stable at the same time.

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