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The requirements placed on mechanical components used for eye examinations and treatment are extremely high. Low-noise, jerk-free movements, plus a high degree of component cleanliness and precision are essential prerequisites as any inexactness will have considerably magnified adverse effects on the results of patient observation and treatment.
The iglidur® materials, which are not prone to sticking or slipping and can be manufactured in special shapes, e.g. as pivot elements or lead screw modules in slit lamps, movable device carriers and holders, comfort seating systems, mobile and stationary eye-testing equipment and magnifying devices ensure this due to the absence of any need for additional lubricants. igus® e-chainsystems® and chainflex® cables also ensure that the transmission of e.g. video signals to display and storage equipment remains reliable over the long term.
Advantages of igus® products in ophthalmology:

No outgassing

Suitable for many types of shaft

No sticking or slipping, lead screw modules as well

Low noise during movement

Pre-loaded variants possible


Application examples in ophthalmology

Eye-optical device

This system is used for measuring close-range visual acuity using a new method.

Eye-optical device    

Eye examination table

The vertically adjustable examination table has been designed for eye examinations.

Eye examination table    
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