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Moving energy made easy – through innovation and sustainability

Tech up, Cost down. It's our job.

Our task is to constantly develop new innovations in e-chains and cables. This enables us to help you to save costs and further increase the quality of machines and systems at the same time, in other words "Tech up. Cost down".
We at igus also accept the responsibility to contribute to the reduction of plastic waste and improvement of recycling: when energy chains reach their end of service life, we have them processed in the igus recycling programme. Also learn more about our investment in chemical recycling by Mura Technology Limited.

News highlights: exhibition tour with Artur Peplinski, International Group Development Leader


autoglide 5

The alternative to busbar systems
autoglide 5  

Tech up:Power and data transmission in tight, compact spaces and for fast lane movements. Guide energy, data, air and liquids in ONE system.
Cost down:88% shorter assembly time compared to aluminium troughs.

CRM rotary module

Rotation angle up to 6480°
CRM rotary module  

Tech up:The rotary module can be equipped with any cable type.

Cost down:Adaptable to technological developments, by simply replacing the cable used.  

CFQ and CFPQ strain relief elements

50% less installation time
CFQ and CFPQ strain relief elements  

Tech up: easy to fill.  Intuitive design.  Flexible modular system
Cost down: 50% lower assembly time than conventional
chainfix clamps

36-month guarantee on energy chains

For all energy chains with online service life calculation
Guarantee for energy chains  

Tech up:36-month guarantee on all e-chains® components against wear and tear. Determine the exact runtime of the energy chain according to your application parameters.
Cost down:Always choose the most cost-effective e-chain® that works with reliability and receive free spare parts for e-chains® that have failed due to wear.

E4Q series e-chains

The next generation of energy chains for machine tools and the like.
E4 series e-chains  

Tech up: Save 40% installation time compared to the E4.1 series. 10% less weight: material recesses reduce weight in line with high stability.
Cost down:Save installation time and costs through opening and closing without tools. Reduce process costs with further igus® online tools.

E2.1 series e-chains

The standard for general mechanical engineering
E2.1 series e-chains with chain opener  

Tech up: 20 to 30% larger sliding surfaces than the previous series. The new standard for applications in the medium-load range.
Cost down:Improved weight and dimensional ratio than comparable previous series as well as significantly shorter installation times.  Reduce process costs with igus online

guidelite ECO vertical guide trough

Vertical guide trough for highly dynamic mini-loads and lifters
guidelite ECO vertical guide trough  

Tech up:Quick to install, vertical plastic trough. In combination with an energy chain as a replacement for busbar systems in order to be able to guide light signals, liquids and air safely in one system.
Cost down:Very easy and extremely quick installation. 

e-skin mini SKS20

Small, openable cleanroom corrugated tube
e-skin mini SKS20  

Tech up:A corrugated tube consisting of an upper and lower shell which, when plugged together, is completely closed, very easy to fill and openable using the zipper opening system.
Cost down:Simple maintenance and inspection of the cables inside. Extend cable service life through defined minimum bend radius.

e-skin Hybrid SKY

Openable cleanroom corrugated tube with unsupported length
e-skin Hybrid SKY  

Tech up: Combines the advantages of the proven series
e-skin SK for higher unsupported lengths and the e-skin SKS with elastic material for lower clearance height.
Cost down: uncomplicated maintenance and inspection of the cables, and cable-friendly due to defined minimum bend radius.

e-skin flat single pods

Freely fillable, particle-free cable guidance
e-skin flat single pods  

Tech up:Freely fillable cable guidance system with particularly compact structure. Modular design with profiles that can be connected together and shortened as required.
Cost down:Individual cables can be replaced very quickly without changing the entire energy supply system. Flexible standard construction kit for many cleanroom applications.

e-skin® flat with support chain

Implement unsupported travels with particle-free cable guidance
e-skin® flat with e-chain®  

Tech up:Implement unsupported travels with the particle-free cleanroom energy supply e-skin flat. Easily replaceable by connecting the individual  e-skin flat single pods and any other e-skin flat.
Cost down:Individual cables can be replaced quickly without
changing the entire energy supply system.  Flexible standard modular system for many cleanroom applications.

Modular e-loop energy chain system

Replaces service loops in drilling rigs, offshore, construction machines, wind turbines and shore power applications
Modular e-loop energy chain system  

Tech up: Modular system that is easy to open. All components are individually replaceable and offer protection against impacts.
Cost down: Turnkey solution possible. Including plug-in connectors, electrical testing and terminal box. Also optionally available with isense as integration for predictable maintenance.

Panel feed e-spool flex 2.0

Cable reel without slip ring
Modular e-loop energy chain system  

Tech up:Slip-ring-free guide for power, data, liquids or air. Can be equipped with any type of cable.
Cost down:No slip ring and cost-effective in case of repair, as individual components can be replaced.

RBR rotating energy supply 200P

Complete system with plastic guide trough, 360° rotation angle
RBR rotating energy supply 200P  

Tech up:No sliding contacts, all media in a single system.  Weight saving -85% vs. Steel guide trough

Cost down:70 % more cost-effective than a comparable steel guide trough.  No minimum purchases – low system price, no minimum order quantity.

Hybrid energy chain YE

Easily installable hybrid chain series for elevating platforms and construction machinery
Hybrid energy chain YE  

Tech up:50 percent lighter than conventional steel chains and 50 percent more unsupported length than plastic energy chains.
Cost down:50 percent lighter than conventional steel chains. Higher fill weights are possible due to the weight reduction.

Office chain OCO.20

Cable guidance for office and furniture
Office chain OCO.20  

Tech up:Easy to fill with laterally offset "Easy
principle", which ensures that the cables can be easily inserted but at the same time cannot fall out.
Cost down:Filling without tools using the "Easy principle" saves installation time and costs.

Strain relief CFX

New sizes for cable diameters 42-46mm and 46-50mm
Strain relief CFX  

Tech up: Durability for dynamic applications, reduced installation height compared to conventional clamps
Cost down: Space and time-saving assembly

High-speed glide bar

5 times more durable than conventional glide bars
High-speed glide bar  

Tech up: Easy handling due to short individual parts in 500mm pieces.  Also 5 times higher abrasion resistance thanks to tribologically optimised material
Cost down:More durable glide bars at the same price as the previous model.  Significantly lower maintenance

Retraction system TR.RSEC

Linear retraction system  

Tech up:System weight of only 2.2kg with up to 290mm retraction distance. Prevents the formation of loops on the axes 4-6
Cost down:High running performance. Reduction of downtimes & maintenance-free

Retraction system TR.RSEL

Linear retraction system  

Tech up:Up to 380mm retraction length.  Easy to retrofit
Cost down:high running performance.  Less downtime, maintenance-free

Fibre-rod system

Cobot fibre-rod system  

Tech up:Elongated holes allow infinite adjustment of the fibre-rod module. Low wear by keeping the e-chain above the axis 4-6
Cost down:Reduction of downtimes, maintenance-free. In only 8 clicks you get a complete solution with the online configurator

Energy chains  
More energy chains

Very different installation spaces and environments.  Large product selection – find the right solution at once. With a 36-month guarantee

e-chains online configurations  
e-chains online configurations

Simply configure energy chain systems conveniently online or request an individual project from an expert.

New products catalogue 2020  
New products catalogue 2020

All the information you need about our new products and additions to the product range in the free catalogue.

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