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Harnessed energy chains enhance machine availability in the case of automatic CNC lathes


  • What was needed: Ready-to-install, flexible energy supply system
  • Requirements: Functionally reliable cable guidance with multi-dimensional movement in a very small space, flexibility
  • Product: readychain harnessed energy chain
  • Industry: machine tools
  • Success for the customer: Increase in machine availability in automatic CNC lathes thanks to harnessed energy chain systems

About automatic multiple-spindle lathes:Multiple-spindle lathes are mainly used for the mass production of turned parts. Steel, brass or preformed blanks such as cast, forged, extruded and drawn parts can be processed. Where bone screws for medical technology or gearwheels for the automotive industry are needed, automatic multiple-spindle lathes can produce workpieces of a very high quality. They combine the advantages of CNC technology with those of cam-controlled automatic lathes.

Automatic CNC lathe with readychain  

The challenge

The ambient conditions during turning place considerable requirements on the individual machine components. Inside the multiple-spindle lathes, it must be ensured that the cables are guided safely and reliably during multi-dimensional movements. Airborne swarf, high temperatures and the ubiquitous cooling lubricant place very high requirements on the energy supply system of the pick-up spindles in the workspace.


For the six-spindle automatic CNC lathes of the Multiline series, harnessed energy chains, so-called readychain systems, are used. Inside the multiple-spindle lathes, the  triflex R energy chain, which is capable of multi-dimensional movements, ensures safe and reliable guidance of the cables. With regard to the power supply for the spindle motor in the drum, an especially robust energy supply system from the E4 system, the 3838 series, shows its strengths.
Due to the use of harnessed energy chains, storage costs and throughput times are reduced. Companies can therefore react flexibly to order book fluctuations and considerably minimise their procurement expenditure. Moreover, the harnessed energy supply systems enable a fast changeover.

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