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Wear measurement on special shaft

dry-tech® polymers iglidur® X and J prove their worth with low wear values in a test with a customer's special shaft

wear measurement

Starting situation:

In order to be able to offer the tribologically best customer solution, the wear behaviour of drylin® liners made of iglidur® X (XUM) and J (JUM) are tested directly on the customer's shaft from 1.4301. The two liners run linearly for 310km on the special shafts under real application parameters and are then measured.

Test results:

The result of the investigation is that the two materials have very low wear rates but iglidur® X stands out due to its extremely low rate of 0.21µm/km. Due to the test carried out on the special shafts under real-world conditions for the customer, the suitability of the shafts was confirmed and the best material to be recommended (in this case iglidur® X) was determined.

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