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Heavy duty harnessing

Harnessed e-chains and cables designed especially for harsh environments

Energy chains from igus are already used today reliably in various applications. They are used, for example, in heavy duty applications such as in shore power applications, in the oil and gas industry or in offshore and land drilling rigs and withstand the highest loads.
All components are designed for extremely tough environmental conditions and are suitable for handling heavy loads. They are resistant to extreme temperatures, chemicals, dirt and salt water.  
Not only the energy chain itself, but also the electrical cables, hydraulic or pneumatic hoses and connectors should withstand the environmental conditions. Plug-in connectors must have a suitable degree of protection in order to be used under extremely harsh environmental conditions.

The assembly of such systems on this scale is anything but trivial. igus offers everything from a single source: as a harnessed complete system, the so-called readychain system that is matched to your own plant.
We undertake the supervision and implementation of the project from A to Z for you - from the on-site assessment, the project planning, the procurement of all components, the harnessing, the testing of the individual components or the assembly, the transport up to the installation on site.

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Tech up

Tech up

  • Robust and corrosion-free: e-chains for harsh environments
  • Application-optimised and ready to install

Cost down

Cost down

  • Save 68% assembly time
  • Save 89% procurement time 
  • Save on assembly and testing tools



  • Crimped, soldered, epoxy resin potted
  • 100% tested with Megger VLF Sinus 34kV



  • Durable raw components (e.g. Patton & Cooke, Amphenol or Proconect)
  • Lubrication-free and continuously loadable igus® components

readychain® in land drilling rigs

Use of harnessed energy chains

A land drilling rig is used to drill oil, gas or geothermal wells. Modular systems can be completely packed together and moved to different locations.
Once it has arrived at the new location, the plant is assembled again to drill the next hole. Two parameters are decisive for the economic efficiency of the system: first, the installation space of the system, which should be kept as small as possible to enable a rig move with ease. Second, the time required for the rig move, as the system is not productive during this time.
Here, harnessed energy chains, readychain systems, are used. Since an e-chain runs through the trough system in a fixed installation space the mast can be made considerably smaller. To shorten the rig move time, the readychain system with Top Drive can remain in the mast during transport of the system.
A second solution is offered by the e-loop as a direct replacement for conventional service loops. This is also supplied as a readychain system and offers, compared to conventional loops, the advantages of an e-chain system in combination with a high-strength pull rope. 

Energy chain in a land drilling rig

readychain® in shore power connections

Use of a harnessed energy chain: e-spool

Ships must be supplied with shore-side power at ports in order to switch off the diesel auxiliary generators on board and thus protect the environment. For this purpose, the vessels must be connected to a cable supply system via a standardised plug connection .
At the highly frequented offshore base Mongstad in Norway, a reliable, robust and flexible system for supplying shore power  from igus is used.
A harnessed e-spool  is integrated in a three metre long container that can be handled by forklifts to position the system along the various berths.
The container also protects the system from the harsh environment and the effects of port operations. The readychain system is a  slip-ring-free solution.  All cables are hard-wired, which also reduces the maintenance effort.

Request: Harnessing

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Request individual harnessing
Do you need a special and robust complete solution for the heavy duty sector? Let us know your requirements and we will manufacture an energy supply system individually adapted to your system, which will be delivered ready for installation or installed directly.

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Examples of heavy duty applications

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Energy supply systems in harsh environments
The e-chains from igus are already being used reliably in numerous applications today - guiding and protecting cables and hoses on oil platforms, in steelworks or heavy machinery.  Find out for yourself!

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readychain complete system

readychain complete system

We take over - from A to Z 
We take over the supervision and implementation of the project for you- from the on-site assessment, the project planning, the procurement of all components, the harnessing, the testing of the individual components or the assembly and the transport up to the installation on site.

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