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Sintered bearings vs. iglidur® polymer plain bearings

Compared to sintered bearings, iglidur® plain bearings made from high-performance polymers offer a number of advantages. Dry lubricants incorporated in the material make additional lubrication superfluous. This results in high temperature and media resistance, as well as resistance to dirt and dust.

How do the bearings work?

Structure of sintered bearings

Sintered bearings

The oil is absorbed by the body of the porous sintered bearing and provides lubrication, especially at high rotational speeds. For full functionality a lubricating layer is required, which, however, cannot be built up effectively during slow and/or linear or pivoting movements. In addition, the amount of oil available reduces over the operating time.

Structure of iglidur® polymer plain bearings

iglidur® polymer plain bearings

The homogeneous, consistent structure with solid lubricants and reinforcing materials operates without requiring lubrication. This ensures that the solid lubricants incorporated in the material are always available irrespective of the type of movement. Excellent coefficients of friction and wear are given over the entire product life cycle.

What is the difference between the two types of bearing?

Sintered bearings

Sintered bearings

Lubrication lower coefficients of friction and enables higher speeds

Limited lubrication impacts linear and pivoting movements

Oil limits resistance to media and temperature stability

Sensitive to edge loads and impacts

Dirt can clog pores

iglidur® G plain bearings

iglidur® polymer plain bearings

No additional lubrication necessary


Service life can be calculated online

Long service life and low coefficients of friction regardless of motion type

100% corrosion-resistant

High chemical and temperature resistance

RoHS compliant


Resistant to dirt

Vibration dampening

Enables the use of low-cost "soft" shafts

Reifenhäuser GmbH solves problems in blown film plant with iglidur® plain bearings

One of Reifenhäuser GmbH's blown film machines

In order to ensure smooth and uninterrupted production process, the calibration basket of the machine must be cleaned at regular intervals. In most cases, modern high-pressure cleaners are used. In solutions with conventional bearings, this procedure washes the lubricant out of the plain bearings or even flushes particles of dirt in. This causes problems in the form of downtime which results in additional costs. To solve this problem, iglidur® plain bearings, which are self-lubricating, are now used.  

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