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Metal composite bearing vs. iglidur® polymer plain bearing

By replacing a metal composite bearing with an iglidur® polymer plain bearing, average costs can be lowered by as much as 40%. Whether as a standard part from stock or a custom-made special design. iglidur® plain bearings are the first choice when lightweight, media and corrosion resistance, high reliability and long service life play a major role.

How do the bearings work?

Design of metal composite bearings

Metal composite bearings

Rolled metal bearings slide on a thin, soft sliding layer. After wear or damage of this sliding layer, the coefficients of friction and wear increase significantly. In many cases, this can quickly lead to 'seizure' between the metallic back of the composite bearing and the shaft.

iglidur® plain bearings

iglidur® polymer plain bearings

With iglidur® polymer plain bearings, the homogeneous, continuous structure without layers ensures almost constant coefficients of friction and wear rates over the entire product life cycle. Solid lubricants and reinforcing materials are distributed evenly over the entire cross-section. 

What is the difference between the two types of bearing?

Metal composite bearings

Metal composite bearings

High temperature and good resistance to media

High static load rating due to metallic back

Thin, soft sliding layer

Limited functionality with pivoting movements under high loads

Additional costs for corrosion-free version

Sensitive to edge-loads

Danger of damage to sliding layer during installation

iglidur® G plain bearings

iglidur® polymer plain bearings

Total wall thickness serves as a wear zone

Long service life for every type of movement

100% corrosion-free

Service life can be calculated online


High resistance to media

RoHS compliant


Dirt resistant

High mechanical dampening

Robust for edge loads

Enables the use of low-cost "soft" shafts

FAUN Viatec GmbH uses iglidur® plain bearings to ensure the long service life of its road sweepers

Road sweeper made by FAUN Viatec GmbH uses iglidur® plain bearings

This road sweeper is in continuous use, especially in towns and municipalities. In order to ensure the long service life of all machines, FAUN Viatec is replacing metal bearings with iglidur® polymer plain bearings. These are used at critical points, such as on the circular brush, which is almost constantly subjected to powerful impacts when the kerbs are being swept, and in the region of the rear lid, which is exposed to high forces and dirt during opening and closing.

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