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Palletizing / Handling technology

Overview of the materials used and examples of applications

Possible applications:

Bottle gripper

Size adjustment

Bottle stacker

Application examples

Lane adjustment - Bottle packer

Lane adjustment - Bottle packer

drylin® SLW-2080 for alignment of the incoming bottles.

Handle dispenser

Handle dispenser

iglidur® J, iglidur® W300 and igubal® rod end bearings are used in carry handle dispensers.

Application examples of our customers

Handle dispenser

Application head of a handle dispenser.

Bottle packing machine

The redevelopment of a gripper using igus® guide elements resulted in a very thin, rugged and lubricant-free gripper tool that is right now not available in the market.

Bottle-packing machine

Ideal guidance of the bottle gripper through drylin®.

Palletizing system

e-chains® from igus® are used in a modern palletizing system


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