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Linear guides and double joints for cars

igus® products have been developed specifically for dynamic applications and und allow for savings in weight, costs and maintenance due to their material. The high performance polymers can be reliably used with extreme temperatures, vibration, collisions and dirt. In addition, they can be individually tailored to your application. Configure linear guides and double joints in the way they are required.
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Lubrication- and maintenance-free motion plastics® for the automotive industry

drylin® NKV-21  
drylin® NKV-21

Compact design for confined spaces

Various spring preloads for defined displacement forces

Quiet running and no rattling

No stick-slip effect

drylin® RJUM-01  
drylin® RJUM-01

Diameters from 6 to 60 mm

Also as solid polymer model

Aluminium shafts for weight reduction

Lubrication-free at up to 250°C

drylin® PTGSG  
drylin® PTGSG

High helix, trapezoidal and metric threads

Highest level of efficiency also in dry operation

Long service life, quiet and vibration-free due to high performance polymers

igubal® removable angled joints  
Removable angled joints

Cost-effective ball joint

Very lightweight


High holding forces when assembled (260 N)

Ball stud made from plastic upon request

igubal® double joint  
igubal® double joint

Individual dimensions and versions can be realised quickly

Rotatable end pieces


Easy assembly

Individually configurable

igubal® special parts  
igubal® special solutions

Short delivery time

Cost-effective manufacture

Spherical balls can be made from various iglidur® materials


Checked in the igus® test laboratory for real use

Tested for continuous load, very small installation spaces, media resistance and quiet operation

In the industry's largest test laboratory, drylin® linear technology, igubal® double joints and spherical bearings are put to the acid test. The focus is on the examination of the tribological properties of different material pairings and the testing of assemblies. Testing individual custom applications is also possible here and can be carried out under different operating conditions in order to simulate the real application.


Examples of dry-tech® products in onboard use

drylin® linear guide in the roof window  
Resistant to heat and dirt

drylin® linear guides glide on polymers and therefore do not contain any sensitive components, such as recirculating ball bearing guides. Therefore, they are resistant to dirt and heat. Apart from that, the material is corrosion-free and has a low moisture absorption.

drylin® linear guide in arm rest  
Silent and clean gliding without maintenance

Due to the gliding on polymer sliding elements, drylin® linear guides allow for particularly silent and smooth movements. They do not require lubrication and are therefore clean and maintenance-free.

drylin® linear guide to adjust the head rest  
Easy and safe adjustment of head rest

The robust and durable drylin® material offers a maintenance-free solution with long service life, even when it is subject to frequent adjustment, e.g. due to car sharing. Latching points in the guide rail allow for an incremental adjustment of the head rest.

igubal® double joint at the turbocharger  
Materials for great heat

igubal coupling joints can be used at high temperatures, depending on the material. They are therefore ideally suited for use on turbochargers. They are also characterised by their dirt-insensitive and corrosion-free use.

igubal® double joint at the gearbox  
Double joints for gear applications

Metallic applications are replaced by igubal® double joints at the gearbox, as the high performance polymers reduce noise and dampen vibrations.

igubal® double joint at the engine block  
Customised double joints for controlled intake manifold

Instead of double joints made of heavy metal, igubal® plastic double joints are used. In addition to the weight advantage, they show low wear values and hence withstand frequent loads.

Examples of the use of dry-tech® products in automotive production

Actuator painting facility automotive production  
Less maintenance in the painting facility

In a painting facility of the automotive industry, this actuator is used and has caused high maintenance work so far. Since the facility has been equipped with igus® products made of high performance polymers, it no longer requires additional lubrication and is maintenance-free.

drylin® linear technology in machines for axle shaft processing  
In use around the clock and easy to assemble

This machine first cleans axle shafts, then provides them with laser markings. As drylin® linear guide systems are easy to assemble and in addition do not require lubrication or maintenance, they are also used here.

Welding tongs in the automotive production with drylin® linear technology  
Long service life despite welding matter and dust

So as to spot-weld car bodies, these welding tongs by the company Nimak require components that can withstand the rough working conditions. Therefore, drylin® linear guide systems are used, as they are resistant to welding matter and dust.

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drylin® sample box  
drylin® linear system

Contains information on linear technology applications in cars and the most important products from the drylin® linear system.

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Sample box bearings automotive industry  
igubal® double joint and drylin® bearings

Contains information on bearing applications in cars, double joints and the most important iglidur® bearings.

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