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drylin® SHT - Cursor

To keep downtime to a minimum and make adjustments quickly and precisely, the indicator is used to create repeatable values. These can be shipped from stock for almost any linear units in the matching pitch, in the required counting and viewing direction and in a variety of colours

Digital position indicator

For even more precise settings

The electronic position indicator (battery operated) for drylin® linear modules can be freely programmed for the individual thread pitch in each case. Ideal for use with dryspin® high helix threads. LCD display with five digits and special characters, long battery life and easy battery change without removal of the device.

  • Electronic digital display
  • Five-digit LCD display
  • Features such as incremental adjustment, offset and reset operated via keys on the position indicator
  • Battery life eight years
  • Battery change without any tools
  • Increase counting in either direction, clockwise or anti-clockwise
  • Display orientation standard or rotated by 180°

Drawing SHT-P3-A  
Product range
Part No.:
Part No. Speed Weight Protection class
 SHT-P3-A 600 60 -
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Note: reduction sleeves included in delivery

Analogue position indicators


Plastic analogue indicator for adjustment and direct reading of carriage position

Counter with three to five digits (depending on the model)
(red digit indicates tenths)

can be combined with manual clamps and hand wheels

reduction sleeves included in delivery

Position indicator  
Order key  
Order key

Housing Colour
O = Orange (Standard)
Counting direction
DX = Clockwise
SX = Counterclockwise
Reading direction
Installation size


1. 0 degree
2. 90 degree
3. 180 degree
4 270 degree
5. Reading direction: A Standard
6. Reading direction: B (optional) for vertical installation: Reading direction 180° turned

lead For spindle Display on screen after
1 rotation
1,25 M8 x 1,25 001,25
2 TR 10 x2 002,0
3 TR 10 x 3; TR 12 x 3 003,0
4 TR 18 x 4; TR 14 x 4 004,0
5 TR 24 x 5 005,0
12 10 x 12 012,0
50 10 x 50 005,0
100 18 x 100 001,0
The pitch depends on the spindle used.

Part No.:
Article number Number of digits    
 SHT-P1 3 digits Upon request 
 SHT-P3 4 digits Upon request 
 SHT-P6 5 digits Upon request 
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