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Multi-axis systems: positioning and movement systems from drylin®

Multi-axis systems are machine systems that implement a predefined multidimensional movement. Based on proven tribology, all drylin products rely on self-lubricating linear units - enabling lifelong operation of moving parts without external lubrication, as well as huge cost savings, as the maintenance cost and effort are significantly reduced.  For fast solutions, drylin multi-axis systems can be purchased as pre-configured and ready-to-use assembled products. All positioning and movement systems can be individually calculated online and configured and ordered ready-to-install based on special requirements.  

The multi-axis systems from igus include a wide range of lubrication-free positioning systems and industrial robots:

  • XY-tables
  • Cartesian robots
  • Line robots
  • Low-profile linear robots
  • Delta robots
  • Gantry robots
  • Lift/rotate units and modules

Maintenance-free XY-tables and linear robots

XY-tables for manual adjustment tasks

  • Optionally preloaded
  • Available as standard or pre-loaded version
  • Made of hard anodised aluminium or stainless steel

Learn more about XY-tables

Low-profile linear robots  
Maintenance-free linear robots

  • Delta robots
  • Linear robots
  • Lift/rotate unit

Learn more about linear robots

Lubrication-free linear axis

If you want to build a multi-axis system yourself, you can rely on the large selection of linear axes, which are driven either with a trapezoidal thread, high helix thread or toothed belt. From lightweight solid plastic units up to solid stainless steel solutions - there is a solution for all individual requirements. In all systems, the stroke length is freely selectable and the optional drive provided manually or by motor.   

Linear axes for positioning systems

Linear axis  

Customers application examples

Tailored linear robot systems for mobile XXL-3D printers

With the support of igus engineers, Actual implemented a mobile 3D printer in XXL format. This was used for the design of the innovative facade elements made of biodegradable plastic for the construction of the Dutch "Europe Building" in Amsterdam's marine district. Here, the modular system of the igus multi-axis linear robots is used: in this case, a room linear robot is used, in which the x-axis and y-axis have been implemented with drylin toothed belt units and the z-axis with drylin lead screw/nut systems.

drylin linear robots in the XXL 3-D printer

drylin linear robots in filling systems of biochemical liquids

M2-Automation in Berlin, develops and builds devices for the production of diagnostic systems and sample preparation under high chemical, hygienic and purity requirements. For the production of automated filling systems for chemical and biological liquids and suspensions in the picolitre and nanolitre levels, the company needed linear robots specially adapted to the laboratory environment. drylin linear robots met the selection criteria - lightweight, compact design, complete absence of lubricant, high speeds, positioning accuracy and not least the price/performance ratio convinced the customer. The use of polymer bearings in all places with moving parts make the room linear robot lubrication-free and therefore maintenance-free.

Modular linear robots in biochemical filling plants

Further information

Cost-effective drylin® econ linear axes  
Suitable entry-level models | drylin econ

You will find cost-effective linear modules for positioning and adjustment tasks here.

Videos for the assembly of drylin® drive technology  
Assembly videos | drylin drive technology

Helpful tips for the assembly of drylin drive technology from igus.


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