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Reanimation equipment

manus® 2007

The newly developed reanimation device animax enables all helpers, from lay members to professionals, to conduct an optimum heart-lung resuscitation. And that too without taxing effort, even over a longer period. The equipment is simply placed over the patient's chest and folds together till it touches. At the same time, the animax independently centers and automatically adjusts the correct indentation depth and breathing volume according to body size. The cardiac massage is undertaken by operating the lever.

All previous reanimation systems were/are designed only for the emergency medical services, or as stationary equipment. In the process none of these systems can undertake both functions, the cardiac massage and the breathing.

The animax is a reanimation device intended for the out-of-hospital and semi-professional sectors. For this reason, the equipment fulfils much more than the actual functions: Freedom from maintenance, very fast installation time, small installation dimension and low weight for the mobile application and a price affordable to aid organizations.

Over 30 iglidur® plastic plain bearings assist to satisfy these requirements.

Stefan Seßler, AAT Alber Antriebstechnik GmbH, Albstadt

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