Smart maintenance solutions for energy chain systems and bearing technology from igus

Want to avoid plant downtime and make maintenance plannable? How this works with igus can be seen in this video ...

Prevent downtimes ... extend product service life ... save maintenance costs ... with smart plastics

With the  i.Sense continuous condition monitoring , you can keep an eye on your systems at all times. With  i.Cee, you can connect your production plant to the Internet of Things (IoT) or your local network and have the option of predictive maintenance.

With smart plastics - energy chain systems, chainflex cables, linear guides and plain bearings equipped with smart sensors - we are pursuing the goal of making complex automation solutions as compatible with Industry 4.0 as possible.

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Everything you want to know about smart plastics:
smart plastics®
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Condition monitoring (i.Sense)

Condition monitoring is the fastest, simplest way to combine many igus products to form a self-monitoring smart plastics product. Sensors are mounted to measure values, such as temperature, forces and vibrations within pre-defined limits. Values outside the limits result in an alert or a notification. Based on this information, a decision can be made about the next steps, maintenance or shutdown. If required, values outside defined limits can trigger a system shutdown to avoid expensive damage. At igus, we use the term "i.Sense" to refer to condition monitoring.
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Predictive maintenance (i.Cee)

Predictive maintenance uses sensors, software, and the elements of condition monitoring to create a system that allows dynamic service life calculation and determines the best times for the maintenance of igus products. This makes predictive maintenance the next step in achieving a comprehensive concept for smart energy supply and bearing technology. This system offers a wide range of designs and a high degree of customisation. The goal is always to maximise system and user safety as well as product life. We at igus call our predictive maintenance system i.Cee (derived from "I see ahead").
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These igus products can be equipped with smart plastics technology

Industry 4.0: successfully implemented in practice

Cranes Machine tools Woodworking industry Material handling Robotics Bulk handling Offshore Explore all applications
Predictive maintenance in automotive production Automotive production

In automotive production, the assembly lines never stand still. Smart production concepts in the style of predictive maintenance have long been established in these production lines.
Condition monitoring of cranes Crane industry

Heavy loads, long periods of use, a wide range of weather conditions - all reasons why cranes must fulfil very stringent performance requirements. To ensure this at all times, reliable condition monitoring concepts are needed.
Smart condition monitoring of wastewater treatment plants Wastewater treatment plants

Wastewater treatment plants demand a lot from the components used: Continuous operation, weather and dirt. Our intelligent energy chain systems are designed for fail-safe operation at all times under all conceivable conditions.

Knowledge base

Knowledge base

Here you will find:

  • current news in the blog
  • Manuals/operating instructions
  • 3D CAD models of smart components
  • i.Sense assembly instructions
  • Online seminars / video tutorials
  • EPLAN data for CAE software
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Applications with smart plastics

Bread packaging machine

Bread packaging machine: avoid cable breaks with smart plastics

Sensors monitor energy chains in engine plants in the automotive industry

This is why an Austrian automotive supplier relys on smart plastics von igus® in order to avoid unforeseen failures and machine shutdowns.

Aluminium oxide production

Condition monitoring tells you when the system needs cleaning

Predictive Maintenance in train-washing stations

The complete smart plastics package, which optimally combines condition monitoring and predictive maintenance

Güdel relies on condition monitoring for the energy chains on linear robots

Güdel avoids failures on its linear robots by measuring the movement, temperature and wear of the energy chains in real time.

Wastewater treatment plant

The smart plastics prevent the plant from stopping in the event of a fault, in order to avoid expensive consequential damage

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Topic overview:
  • Condition monitoring (i.Sense)
  • Condition monitoring products
  • Condition monitoring application examples
  • Predictive maintenance (i.Cee)
  • Application examples for predictive maintenance
  • Predictive maintenance data flows
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What new products are there?

smart news 2024

smart plastics new products for 2024 ...

... Experience all smart plastics innovations for 2024 such as the contactless condition monitoring for rol e-chains® EC.IT or the OTA-capable i.Sense module right here:
Industry 4.0: new smart plastics products

What would you like?

Are you looking for a shut-down function for your energy supply system to prevent a crash?
Are you trying to avoid software for monitoring the energy supply?
Do you want status reports to be displayed with LEDs?
Do you want the current service life of your igus products displayed at all times?
Do you want to know when one of your igus products should be maintained?
Do you want to avoid unscheduled machine downtime?
Do you want to make energy supply and plain bearing technology fit for Industry 4.0?
Would you like to see right now what will happen in the future?
You can find more predictive maintenance area capabilities in the Smart Factory in our news overview.

3D CAD portal for smart plastics

Design smart energy chains in the 3D CAD portal

Design intelligent energy chain systems faster. CAD models for all smart components.

Our intelligent e-chain systems are reliably in use in hundreds of thousands of applications worldwide - from beverage machines and CNC machines to steel mills. Unsupported lengths can be bridged without problems and long travels are conceivable for the most varied of industries. 
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Further information material:

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Every year, more than 3,000 tests are carried out to collect sufficient data for the service life algorithm. 
Recycling program for energy chains

Recycling programme

Ask igus to recycle your energy chains, irrespective of the manufacturer. How does it work?
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