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Reliable hazard prevention and smart condition monitoring in one

Optimum guarantee of plant availability ... at any time and from anywhere ... with igus i.Sense

Sewage plants pose a challenge for the components in use: they are in continuous operation, exposed to all sorts of weather conditions and come into contact with fluids, grease and dirt. Our intelligent energy chain systems are designed to operate fail-safe under all conceivable conditions for as long as possible.

Whether in the longitudinal scraper on the primary clarifiers or on the grit and grease trap: with the ready-to-install IIoT solutions from smart plastics you avoid downtimes, reduce operating costs and cut down costly maintenance. Especially for wastewater treatment, we offer individual modules for reliable condition monitoring or Industry 4.0-capable complete packages for predictive maintenance concepts.

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Advantages of our smart plastics solutions:

▲ Tech up
  • Extension of the maximum service life
  • Increased safety during unmanned plant operation
  • Remote access to real-time status information
▼ Cost down
  • Reduce maintenance costs through early warnings
  • Avoid costs for unexpected plant shutdowns
  • Space-saving design - lower installation height & no cable loop station

Experience all the advantages of our smart energy supply system in practice.

Different challenges in wastewater operations ...

... Always the right solution at hand with smart plastics

EC.P force monitoring for clarifiers

Push/pull force monitoring

Nowadays, modern wastewater treatment plants often run around the clock and without any control authority, which is why malfunctions sometimes remain undetected for hours. Although the plant runs at a very slow speed, in the event of a failure it can lead to a total breakdown. 

This is exactly where our i.Sense EC.P is used. This sensor continuously measures the force which the plant requires to move the energy supply system. If these forces change due to external influences such as ice, an animal or a tool forgotten during maintenance, the sensor detects this change and switches the system off immediately. This prevents expensive total damage to the sewage treatment plant.

EC.B breakage detection for sewage treatment plants

Chain breakage detection

Increasing process reliability, minimising maintenance effort, transmitting data in a sustainable manner - these are the requirements for the energy supply of the sand trap scraper in sewage treatment plants. The intelligent breakage detection i.Sense EC.B by smart plastics ensures the necessary functional reliability.

The EC.B sensor immediately detects a chain link breakage and triggers a message if one occurs. This is implemented by a cable tensioned by the e-chain, which records every change in length and reports it to the EC.B sensor. This allows you or your system to intervene, frequently preventing both additional damage (to the opposite chain link) and system shutdown.

i.Cee Dashboard in the sewage treatment plant

Remote dashboard

Most wastewater treatment plants can now do without human monitoring personnel. However, the increasingly modern wastewater companies not only need an absolutely reliable cable guidance system, but also the possibility of being able to report the current operating status from anywhere and at any time. 

This is optimally solved with the new i.Cee Dashboard, which can be integrated online on the Internet or on-site in the local network. This means that the current operating data can be accessed either via a display on the crane, via a cloud solution or an IoT dashboard, via the REST API interface or even directly via SMS or e-mail.

Reliable condition monitoring in sewage treatment plants can be so simple ... with igus i.Sense

In this way, unplanned downtimes and thus enormous production losses can be efficiently avoided.

Condition monitoring | i.Sense

Condition monitoring is the easiest and quickest way to turn many igus products into self-monitoring, smart plastics products. Sensors are mounted to measure values, such as temperature, forces and vibrations within pre-defined limits. Values outside the limits result in an alert or a notification. Based on this information, a decision can be made about the next steps, maintenance or shutdown. At igus, we summarise the condition monitoring under the term i.Sense ("I feel").

Predictive maintenance | i.Cee

In contrast, predictive maintenance solutions use sensors and software to create a system that enables dynamic service life calculation and optimal maintenance times. Predictive maintenance is the next step towards the implementation of a comprehensive smart Industry 4.0 system. The goal is always to maximise system and user safety as well as product life. We at igus call our predictive maintenance system i.Cee (derived from "I see ahead").

Predictive Maintenance i.Cee

basic flizz®: the enclosed energy supply

The basic flizz® is a complete system for mobile energy supply to scrapers, rakes and other sewage treatment and hydroelectric power plants. It consists of an energy chain filled with chainflex cables, guided safely in a weatherproof stainless steel enclosure.

  1. Safe guidance: guide rail integrated into the profile
  2. Modular design: easy assembly, compact construction
  3. Protected: weather-resistant stainless steel enclosure
  4. Fast assembly: openable along the outer radius
  5. Wide range of installation options

LBT flizz® overview

Smart basic flizz® system at the click of a mouse

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The basic flizz is a system for mobile energy supply to scrapers, rakes and other sewage treatment and water power plants. A complete set consists of an energy chain filled with tested chainflex cables and guided safely in a weatherproof stainless steel housing. With the developed driver arm and the smart plastics system EC.P for push/pull force detection, this set is a very good complete solution.

Industry 4.0: successfully implemented in practice


24/7 condition monitoring in the sewage treatment plant

Sewage treatment plants run 24/7, 365 days a year. The use of a basic flizz system is very suitable for most rectangular clarifiers. The advantage of the system is the modular design and the protection of the energy supply system against wind and weather. The flizz system can be installed either directly on the tank wall or on the floor along the tank.

Additional protection is provided by the smart plastics i.Sense EC.P system (EC = e-chain P = pull force) for intelligent condition monitoring of the chain. This allows the system to switch off proactively and automatically in the event of a malfunction in order to avoid a total failure.

smart plastics sewage treatment plants

White paper: energy chains vs. motor cable drums

Advantages and disadvantages of both systems

Whenever designers have to guide hoses as well as cables in moving applications with long travels of more than 100 metres, the question arises: which energy supply system is the most efficient? A motor cable drum? Or an energy chain? The advantages and disadvantages of both systems.

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You determine the manner of data transfer and access

Data transfer within your local corporate network (i.Cee:local) or on a secure cloud (i.Cee:cloud)



Your data does not leave your company network at any time, as the i.Cee software only communicates within the networks of your choice. The information spectrum ranges from a single energy chain within a machine to a complete machine park and its own output interface.  



With the internet-based solution, there are two ways: either the sensors transmit their data directly to the cloud, where it is made available in a protected area via a browser dashboard. Or they take a stopover via the, a so-called data concentrator. The is at your location, allowing you to adjust data exchange with the cloud at any time.

Tested for real-world applications in the industry's largest test laboratory

Take a look at our test laboratory for chainflex® cables and e-chains®, where tests are run for ten billion cycles every year.
For long travels, sensors are used in e-chain® field testing.

smart plastics general overview

Insight into the complete product portfolio for Industry 4.0

Content overview:

  • Condition monitoring (i.Sense)
  • Condition monitoring products
  • Condition monitoring application examples
  • Predictive maintenance (i.Cee)
  • Application examples for predictive maintenance
  • How does data flow in the case of predictive maintenance?

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