Sewage treatment plants with intelligent monitoring

Intelligent sensors in sewage treatment plant pipelines prevent failures before they occur

Increasing process reliability, minimising maintenance effort, transmitting data in a sustainable manner - these are the requirements for the energy supply of sewage treatment plants and systems. And the whole thing is required 24/7, 365 days a year. This requires not only extremely tough and durable systems and components. But also smart technology.


  • What was needed: basic flizz energy chain system, condition monitoring EC.P
  • Requirements: tough and durable energy chain, avoidance of total failures due to unnoticed malfunctions
  • Industry: wastewater and sewage treatment plants
  • Success for the customer: advantages of the basic flizz energy chain are its modular design and protection against wind and weather. Due to the 24/7 condition monitoring of the chain, the system shuts down in case of malfunctions to avoid a total failure. It saves the operator considerable costs and time.
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Sewage plant


In sewage treatment plants, energy chains for cable guidance operate around the clock, 365 days a year. Despite this continuous load, downtime of the cable systems is to be avoided at all times, which requires particularly tough as well as durable systems and components. But the chain guide alone is often not enough here. This is because most sewage treatment plants run much of the time without any human presence. Therefore, disturbances as well as possible malfunctions sometimes remain undetected for hours. Although the chains move at a very slow speed, a malfunction usually leads to a complete total loss. This total breakdown of the energy supply system leads to significantly higher costs than a standstill over several hours, where the system can be put back into operation after a short maintenance period. Without human supervision, the corrective element is missing here.


For most rectangular clarifiers, the use of a basic flizz energy chain system is very suitable. The advantage of the e-chain is its modular design and protection from wind and weather. The basic flizz system can be installed either directly on the basin wall or on the floor along the basin.
In applications where constant control of the system is required, the energy chain system is combined with condition monitoring in the form of an EC.P sensor (EC = e-chain P = pull force) . This sensor, which is installed on the floating moving end of the e-chain, continuously measures the force that the installation requires to move the energy supply system. If it changes due to external influences such as ice, an animal or a tool dropped during maintenance, the sensor detects this change and switches off the system - completely without human intervention.
This prevents expensive consequential damage to the energy supply system.

Crash in a sewage treatment plant
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