Test laboratory for energy chains

In the largest test laboratory in the industry, more than 10 billion test cycles are carried out per year with energy chains and chainflex cables in a total of 180 test stations. We test our products under real-life conditions with the aim of offering the ideal energy supply for every application, and make reliable predictions regarding the expected service life. Therefore,  we are the only supplier in the world to offer a 36-month guarantee on our energy chains. Irrespective of whether your application is located in a dusty desert or the freezing cold - we test our energy chain systems under as realistic conditions as possible, so as to offer you reliable security in the most different applications.

Test laboratory for energy chains - facts:

  • 2,147 m² (total area igus test laboratory 3,800 m²)
  • More than 15,000 tests per year for all products
  • 53 testing machines
  • 10 billion e-chain cycles per year in the e-chains and chainflex test laboratory 
  • Three billion test cycles for e-chains alone

What sort of tests are carried out?

Energy chains are thoroughly tested. In linear movements of different lengths with travels up to 240m as well as in vertical, circular or torsional movements.
53 test rigs on which 295 tests are simultaneously carried out are used to test e-chains for their stress resistance. Altogether, 4,100 tests with 10 billion cycles are performed every year. One million test data sets are collected every year in the different laboratories and test areas. They are saved in an electronic database and form the basis for further quality improvements of the developed products. In addition, they constitute the heart of the igus service life calculator.

What happens to the test results?

The results of all tests are used for developing and improving igus products. In addition, they are the foundation for an extensive database to which the igus product finder and service life calculator have access.  

Online tools

Online tools The test results are entered into the online tools.

e-chain news

e-chain news Furthermore, the test results are used as proof for the advantages of the new igus products. Tech up, cost down. It's our job.

Selected tests

Test for unsupported length

Energy chain test for unsupported length, tensile and breaking strength

Oil test with energy chains

Oil test with energy chains

Noise test

Noise test with energy chains

Volume comparison

Volume comparison

Cleanroom test energy chains

Cleanroom test energy chains

Tensile test with the offshore energy chain

Tensile test with the offshore energy chain

Test lab of energy chain systems

We test your application

You do not wish to experiment, but you want to test materials for your application before use? Or do you have an unusual application and are looking for a suitable solution? No problem. We will test your application in our test lab and will use our expertise to find the best igus solution for you.
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Further information

igus test lab

Test laboratory

Further areas in the igus test lab: plain bearing, energy chain, cable, linear technology, bar stock and Low Cost Automation.
Energy chain systems

Energy chain systems

Energy chains for very different installation spaces and environments.  Large product selection – find the right solution at once. With a 36-month guarantee.
Online configurators for e-chains

Online configurators for e-chains

Simply configure energy chain systems conveniently online or request an individual project from an expert.