Oil test with e-chains®

igus® e-chains® are exposed to various materials in various applications. Ranging from metal chips to wood dust and fluids: we have the right solution for your energy supply system, such as RX tubes, AX chains and many others. We subjected our e-chains® to various oils and lubricants in a test. Lubricants are used by many industries for production. It is therefore possible that our e-chains® can come into contact with these lubricants and cutting oils. We have now tested the worst-case and operated our255.10.075.0 e-chain® immersed in various oils for a period of four months Following this time, we compared it with an e-chain® that was not exposed to these substances.

Test setup in the igus® lab Test setup in the igus® lab


On average, the e-chains® under test only lost 10% of their strength. This should be taken into account for planning purposes, and a slightly higher strength e-chain® should be used if it comes into contact with oils and lubricants.

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