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I am familiar with the energy chains from igus and know the dimensions and kinds of movement of my energy supply system.

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I know the ambient variables of my application and, working in comfort online, I would like to configure my energy chain or consult an expert about an individual project.

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Types of movement

I am unsure what energy chain I should choose for my application and need more information.

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Savings potential

Begin to improve the technology used for your machines with energy chain systems from igus and simultaneously lower the costs for your company.

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Frequently asked questions

What are energy chains?

Energy chains (also called energy supply chains, e-chains) are mechanical machine elements. They are used to guide and protect energy, data and signals that have to withstand the most diverse environmental influences. The decisive fact about cable guides is the symbiosis of the components moving against each other. They include cables, hoses, interior separation elements, strain relief devices and guide troughs.
The materials used have to be optimally matched to each other so that maximum operating times and a long service life are achieved. Thanks to energy chains, downtime is avoided wherever energy in the form of electricity, gas, air or fluids is supplied to moving loads.

Small energy chains

Small energy chains

Inner heights: 5 – 32mm

Medium-sized energy chains

Medium-sized energy chains

Inner heights: 21 – 48mm

Large energy chains

Large energy chains

Inner heights: 21 – 350mm

For robots

Energy chains for robots

Inner diameter: 12 – 46.8mm

Protection against dust and swarf

Energy chains for protection against dirt and swarf

Inner heights: 21 – 75mm

All energy chains & accessories

Overview of all energy chains

Further families of energy chains

Up to 36-month guarantee
We offer a guarantee of up to 36-months
on energy chains.
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Design energy chains the easy way
Basic principles and calculations,
filling rules and more.
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Installation instructions
An overview of all installation instructions
for energy chains.
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Energy chain news 2021

Tech up, cost down: we will always give you at least one of the two. That is our profession and what we have offered you for many years. 
This year, we are presenting further innovative energy supply systems that will make your machines better and more cost-effective: 

  • C6 energy chain for cleanroom applications
  • P4HD.56R rol e-chain for maximum service life
  • TRX telescopic energy chain
  • e-dispenser for the supply of shore power in ports
  • And further innovations

What are the advantages of our energy chains?

  • Cable-friendly due to smooth contours
  • Many options in terms of movement and length
  • Low weight, modular, strong, quiet, easy to open
  • Energy, data, FOCs, oil and air guided in one system
  • Configure online
  • Predictable service life
  • Little easy-to-perform maintenance, easy to install
  • Large catalogue of standard items

Why energy chains from igus?

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Are you interested in our energy chain but would like to see it yourself first before making a final decision?
Then you are welcome to order a free sample from us.

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3D CAD portal

Design energy chains in the 3D CAD portal

Design energy chains faster. CAD models for a wide variety of systems. Energy chain design made easy.

Our e-chain is already being used reliably in many hundreds of thousands of applications worldwide - from automatic beverage machines and CNC machines to steelworks. Unsupported lengths can be bridged without problems and long travels are conceivable for the most varied of industries. It has a modular design and is therefore easy to assemble. Completely media-friendly and designed for very small bend radii, igus chains are suitable for small installation spaces as well as for large, heavy and rigid cables or hoses.

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Service life monitoring for all e-chains

  • new sensors allow measurement of percentage bolt/hole connection abrasion levels
  • Clear measurement of product service life reduces costs by  avoiding a premature e-chain system® replacement
  • icom. plus integration allows the use of established concepts.
  • Output of service life information and warnings via HMI systems or the local network
  • Transmission of sensor and dynamic data via a newly developed LoRa module to the icom. plus offline module
  • Energy-efficient communication concepts allow years of battery life

Integrated offline service life monitoring

Selected application examples

Our energy chains can be adapted to individual requirements and can therefore be used for a large number of different applications.

Further information on energy chains

Energy chain catalogue

The energy chain catalogue for direct downloading online!


Every year, 3,000 e-chain tests are performed in order to ensure that they can withstand the hardest of conditions.  

Recycling programme

Ask igus to recycle your energy chains, irrespective of the manufacturer. How does it work?

Online seminar

Profit from the knowledge and experience of our experts by participating in our online energy chain seminars.  Interactive✓ Informative✓ Free of charge✓