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igus® has developed a new innovative separator system for the E4.1L. This means that it is now very easy to insert shelves on several levels for interior separation according as needed. Visitors to HMI were able to try out for themselves how quickly and easily the new E4.1L can be filled. The new separator system has of course been tested in the igus® laboratory:

Separator system Innovative separator system
Installed in a dynamic test of the E4.48L Installed in a dynamic test of the E4.48L

Comparison test

In a comparison test in the industry's largest laboratory in Cologne, which is owned by the company, igus® compared its E4.48L plastic e-chain® with a competitor's product. The two chains were evaluated with regard to load-bearing capacity in the case of unsupported lengths as well as in a breakage test and in respect of their behaviour when subjected to tensile forces:

Technical data

igus® E4.48L Competitor
Inner/outer height 48 mm/64 mm 40 mm/62 mm
Inner/outer width 105 mm/125 mm 67 mm/76 mm
Pitch 67 mm 76 mm
Weight per metre 1.73 kg 2,08 kg

Load bearing capacity in the case of an unsupported length

Test set-up: the two chains are suspended unsupported over a distance of 1.8 m with an additional weight of 5 kg/m.
Result: in relation to the neutral line, the competitor's chain sagged 6 mm deeper than the E4.48L.

Load bearing capacity in the case of an unsupported length

Behaviour when subjected to tensile forces

Test set-up: the two chains are clamped in a rig in the test laboratory and tension is applied to both ends at the same time.
Result: the E4.48L withstands 86% more tensile force.

Tension test

Breakage test

Test set-up: in the breakage test, the unsupported chain is subjected to a load from above. The additional load is increased until the chain breaks
Result: the E4.48L withstands 45% more additional load than the competitor's chain.

Breakage test

Test result

igus® E4.48L Competitor
Unsupported length 6 mm more sag
Tensile strength 100 % 54 %
Breaking strength 100 % 69 %

The E4.48L is superior to the tested competitor's product in all tested areas.

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