Significantly reduce maintenance costs with igus predictive maintenance | i.Cee

In automotive production, the conveyor belt never stops. Collaborating robot arms for assembly and welding work are in continuous use, as are all the components that supply them with energy and data. It is precisely in such environments that intelligent concepts in the style of predictive maintenance make the most sense. Whether a new project for Industry 4.0 or efficiency-driven retrofitting - our smart plastics solutions are available as universal modular systems and can be individually adapted to any system. 

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Advantages of our smart plastics solutions:

▲ Tech up
  • Extension of the maximum service life
  • Increase in overall plant efficiency
  • Integration into Industry 4.0 / IIoT concepts
▼ Cost down
  • Reduce maintenance costs through early warnings
  • Eliminate unplanned downtime
  • Decrease storage costs

Different production areas ...

... smartly networked

Structural work

Car body construction

The process flows in car body construction are smooth. If a machine part stops, the entire production line breaks down. In order to keep a constant eye on the electrical cables and supply packages of the robots in the rotating movement as well as the linear movement on the 7th axis, igus® has developed its condition monitoring solution i.Sense. It provides information on the current operating status at all times, detects irregularities immediately and prevents unnecessary machine downtime.

Drive train

Drive train

In the power train production line, there is a high demand for machine reliability. The various stations, some of which have long routes, form a complex system with high dynamics; any damage has an impact on the entire production line. In the ideal case, production runs through without disruptions and shutdowns can be planned sensibly with the help of i.Cee, the predictive maintenance solution from smart plastics.

Final assembly

Final assembly

In the final assembly the final touches are provided in the production chain. However, the demand for trouble-free processes is no less here than it was at the beginning of production. Manipulators, which often assist people in manufacturing during this step, should be easy to move. Here, energy chains made of polymer, lightweight but tough, are just right. With supporting rollers, even long distances can be covered steadily and reliably here. 

Condition monitoring | i.Sense

Condition Monitoring

Such concepts are the easiest and the fastest way to make a self-monitoring product. Sensors are mounted to measure values (such as temperature, forces and sound waves/vibrations) within pre-defined limits. Values outside the limits result in an alert or at least a notification. This information provides the basis for taking subsequent steps, such as maintenance or shutting down the system. At igus, we summarise condition monitoring under the term i.Sense ("I feel").

Predictive maintenance | i.Cee

Predictive maintenance

In contrast, predictive maintenance solutions use sensors and software to create a system that enables dynamic service life calculation and optimal maintenance times. Predictive maintenance is the next step towards the implementation of a comprehensive smart Industry 4.0 system. The goal is always to maximise system and user safety and product service life. We at igus call our predictive maintenance system i.Cee (derived from "I see ahead").

The white paper on predictive maintenance free of charge

Increase plant availability and ensure process conformity

In our white paper, you can find out about the following: 

  • What is the difference between the two concepts?
  • What technologies are behind the respective systems?
  • What do the two systems have to offer with regard to energy supply in industry? 

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How does predictive maintenance work at igus?

Smart networking of individual components creates the solid foundation for predictive maintenance concepts. At igus, predictive maintenance is summarised under the term i.Cee.
The central element of this system is the i.Cee software. Sensors on the energy chain, the plain bearing bush, or a linear carriage, transform products deliverable from stock into smart products. This upgrade creates the capability of determining your igus® product's maximum service life, and the i.Cee system also tells you the perfect time for servicing it. Algorithms adapt the service life and the service time to the equipment's use. The software we provide, a few sensors and the new communication module i.Cee plus II transform standard products available from stock into smart energy supply or bearing technology in no time.

You determine the manner of data transfer and access

Data transfer within your local corporate network (i.Cee:local) or on a secure cloud (i.Cee:cloud)



Your data does not leave your company network at any time, as the i.Cee software only communicates within the networks of your choice. In the process, the information spectrum ranges from a single energy chain within a machine up to a complete machine pool and its own output interface.  



With the internet-based solution, there are two ways: either the sensors transmit their data directly to the cloud, where it is made available in a protected area via a browser dashboard. Or they make a stopover via the, a so-called data concentrator. The is at your location, allowing you to adjust data exchange with the cloud at any time.

Industry 4.0: successfully implemented in practice


Austrian automotive supplier

Austrian automotive supplier

An Austrian automotive parts supplier uses smart plastics from igus for its indoor gantry cranes, which automatically handle engine blocks.

Bread wrapping machine

Bread wrapping machine

"igus® CF.Q condition monitoring can prevent failure of machines with high output", says Dipl.-Ing. Oliver Tausch, Head of Electrical Engineering, of GHD's required specifications.

Train washing station

smart plastics train washing station

Trains that are always clean, and a safe and reliable energy supply thanks to predictive maintenance.

Linear robots

smart plastics Güdel

Due to the integration of smart plastics sensors into the energy supply, the customer's condition monitoring system is supplied with data. 

smart plastics general overview

Insight into the complete product portfolio for Industry 4.0

Content overview:

  • Condition monitoring (i.Sense)
  • Condition monitoring products
  • Condition monitoring application examples
  • Predictive maintenance (i.Cee)
  • Application examples for predictive maintenance
  • How does data flow in the case of predictive maintenance?

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Tested in the test laboratory for use in the real world:

Glance into the test laboratory for e-chains and chainflex cables:
At a total of 180 test stations, more than 10 billion test cycles are carried out per year with energy chains and igus cables.
Glance into the dry-tech test laboratory:
in the industry's largest test laboratory, iglidur plain bearings and drylin linear guides are tested regarding stress, wear and friction properties.
Our plain bearings are tested with the Front Loader Test Rig in a heavy-load test with maximum load. The test results can be transferred to other heavy-duty applications. Similar parameters can generally be found in all fields which are driven by a hydraulic cylinder.

The huge motion plastics sample box

Trying things out made easy: with the igus corner, you always have the most recent motion plastics that are suited to your individual industry sector to hand. 
We will bring the display to you, assemble it upon request, and fill the compartments with the products of your choice. Or you can set it up yourself. As a permanent exhibition or for a limited period of time.

smart plastics FAQs


What are igus smart plastics? What is Industry 4.0? In our blog, you will find answers to the most frequent questions of our customers:

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