Energy chains for single-girder travelling cranes

Single-girder travelling cranes or single-girder gantry cranes are particularly flexible types of cranes that ensure the lifting and transport of heavy loads, especially in warehouses or production halls.
Due to the wide range of applications of the systems, a tailor-made energy supply solution is required depending on the application. Our energy chains, guide troughs and cables are also designed for subsequent quick installation, a quiet process and the smallest bend radii.

Light, compact and durable: energy chain solutions for single-girder travelling cranes

E2/000 energy chain

E2/000 energy chain series

  • Easy and versatile installation
  • High robustness combined with quiet operation
  • Long service life of cables
  • Various fastening options
Learn more about the E2/000 energy chain
guidefast guide rails

guidefast guide rails

  • Lateral attachment on crane girder
  • Easy to install, save up to 80% time compared to conventional guides
  • Securely hooked into pre-fixed holders
Learn more about guidefast
guidefast control

guidefast control

  • Control device guidance, guidefast control
  • Safe and space-saving. No tangling of cables
  • Integrated into the crane girder shape
Learn more about guidefast control

Energy chain E4.1L

Energy chain system E4.1L

  • Combines the stability of the E4.1 with the accessibility of the E2/000
  • Reduced weight
  • Particularly cable-friendly interior separation
Learn more about the E4.1L energy chain
E4Q energy chain

Energy chain system E4Q

  • Especially suitable for unsupported and long travels
  • Save installation time and costs by opening and closing without tools
Learn more about the E4Q energy chain

E4.1R energy chain

  • Can be rolled or glided
  • For use on cranes with less high fill weights
  • Reduces noise and vibration
Learn more about the E4.1R

Smart condition monitoring systems | i.Sense

The intelligent i.Sense sensor system and software monitors the condition of the energy chain on the crane around the clock. While heavy loads, long operating times and severe weather mean high loads for STS cranes, i.Sense helps to ensure operational safety. In the event of problems, the software can initiate an emergency stop to prevent major damage.
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Aluminium SuperTroughs

Guide troughs are used for long travels, from 5 - 12m, depending on the type of chain, and support the smooth, low-friction operation of the energy chains. The Aluminium SuperTroughs consist of a corrosion-free and seawater-resistant aluminium profile. They also allow very easy and universal assembly.
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chainflex for moving applications

For many years we have been manufacturing cables that are specially designed and manufactured for energy chains. In doing so, we are driven to provide the most cost-effective solution for our customer that has a clear guaranteed service life. In our wide range, you will find cables that are designed for enormous speeds and accelerations, long travels and the most adverse environmental influences.
More information about chainflex cables

System comparison

Energy chain systems instead of festooning, motor cable drums and busbars

Energy chains systems instead of festooning Energy chain systems instead of festooning
Provide guidance for cables and energy chains while keeping them protected and safe in wind and fluctuating temperatures. This minimises downtime.
Energy chain systems instead of motor cable drums Energy chain systems instead of motor cable drums
No slip ring on long travels. Guide all media safely in one system. Travels of up to 1,000 metres.
Energy chain systems instead of busbar systems Energy chain systems instead of busbar systems
Deliver data, energy, fluids and air safely in a single energy chain system. For narrow compact spaces and fast lane movement. 

Successful application stories with single-girder travelling cranes

Indoor crane

e-chain for high levels of hydrochloric acid

Chemical-resistant plastic energy chain systems for the energy supply of process cranes have been proven in a hot galvanising plant for many years.
Indoor crane

Concrete plant: minimised downtime

The gantry cranes in this pipe production were formerly supplied with energy by towing cables. Reliability has increased significantly since they were replaced by robust energy chains.
smart plastics

... and other success stories

In other application examples, discover how our energy chains and chainflex cables are used in the crane industry for different requirements.

Tested for real-world applications in the industry's largest test laboratory

A look at the chainflex and e-chain test laboratory Take a look at our chainflex and e-chain test laboratory, where 10 billion cycles are tested annually.
Long travels in outdoor tests Up to 400m of travel can be achieved on our 200m long test track for energy chains.

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