E4.1R rol-e energy chain

Product presentation E4.1R

Noise and vibration reduced, whereby less drive energy is needed

New roller links have been added to the standard modular system of the E4.1 energy chain series. This makes it especially easy for users to change over from gliding to rolling energy chain systems – The roller links are completely compatible with the entire E4.1 modular system. For example, e-chains for linear robots in the machine tool industry can be easily modified to cope with greater dynamics and, at the same time, reduce the drive energy needed by up to 57 per cent.Typical application areas:
Cranes, coal conveyors, etc., where the fill weight is not so high that HD rol e-chains® are needed.
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Tech up

Tech up

  • Easy changeover from gliding to rolling e-chain®
  • A rol e-chain link suitable for all radii of the standard series
  • Ideal for long travels
  • Quiet operation due to equal pitch of the e-chain® links
Cost down

Cost down

  • Adapter link not necessary
  • Retrofit possible, fast assembly
  • Increases the service life of the e-chain®
  • Smaller minimum bend radii possible, thus possibly the cable length, installation space and steel construction are reduced
  • Reduce drive power by 37%
  • Predictive maintenance – optional additional isense module


  • Already tested several times in the igus® laboratory
  • More resilient: 25% more push/pull forces possible
    (E4.56 vs. 4040C)
Comparison of service life expectancy


  • Resource conservation: conversion instead of replacement
  • Save drive power and thus energy
  • Have your energy chain recycled at the end of its life cycle with the igus chainge recycling program. No matter what manufacturer.
    You will receive a voucher.
  • igus has been an investor in Mura Technology from the beginning and is helping advance chemical recycling. From plastic waste to crude oil in 20 minutes.

Product range:

Part numberInner height [mm]Outer height [mm]Inner width [mm]Outer width [mm]Bend radius [mm] 
E4.42R*426468 - 40094 - 462115 - 300 Request now
E4.56R568487 - 600121 - 634150 - 400 Request now
E4.80R*8010887 - 600137 - 650150 - 500 Request now
Delivery times

Available from stock
*Delivery upon request

Reasons to choose rol e-chains ...

rol e-chains rol e-chains are safe, save space, and require little maintenance. Cable lengths can be saved by up to 50% (compared to cable trolley systems).
rol e-chains Roll instead of slide and save up to 37% drive power. For high speeds (up to 10m/s) and the longest travels (up to 500m).

Modular system of the E4.1 energy chain series for long travels

E4.1 series

E4.1 series

E4.1 standard energy chain for nearly all applications. Stable, long service life and cost-effective.
E4.1R series

E4.1R series as supplementary set

With the rol e-chain set, the E4.56 or E4.42 becomes a rol e-chain. The result: service life is extended.
Glide pads for energy chains

Optional element: glide pads

Low-friction and low-wear sliding element and rol e-chains extend the service life of energy chains when the latter are used in applications where they slide along a surface.

The longest polymer energy chain with a travel of 615m comes from igus

"By using a roller in the chain links, the coefficient of friction on long travels drops dramatically. As a result, a saving of up to 57% of the drive energy required to move the energy chain system can be achieved. "

Frank Schlögel, Head of Engineering Projects, Sales & Marketing at igus

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