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igus energy chain systems enable you to save on maintenance and assembly, and often directly upon purchase, and include a 36-month guarantee for e-chain® and chainflex® cables. Our free online tools also reduce your process costs.


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Understanding customer requirements avoids over-engineering.

Ever better functionalities, more standards, modularity and low total cost of ownership at a fair price: this is a short and concise summary of what companies in all industries expect from their machine and plant manufacturers and what the latter expect in turn from their parts and component suppliers. The free white paper deals with the topic of over-engineering and looks at igus solutions that can help to avoid over-engineering (or even use it in a targeted manner).
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▼Cost down

e-chains with the same inner height and similar stability. Savings upon purchase.

If the application allows, a more cost-effective chain with lower load data but similar or identical inner and outer dimensions and the same simple functionality can be used. This is possible because of the versatility arising from the more than 200,000 e-chain parts in the igus product range.

▼Cost down

More stability, same dimensions, 30% lower price.

The E2.1 family is the successor of the proven E2/000 e-chain family. All E2/000 e-chains can be opened along their inner or outer radius. There are applications that require no chain opening or closing, so that is an opportunity for savings. The E2.1 family includes chains that can be opened form the inner and outer radius and chains that cannot be opened. This is a way to save lots of money while retaining the same dimensions.

▼Cost down

Pay 40% less for e-chains with virtually identical dimensions.

E4.1 is the most robust and largest e-chain system in the igus range. It stands out due to its numerous clever design features, the primary aim of which is to ensure a high degree of structural stability and modularity. The E4.1L (L is for lean) includes many of these tricks, but the series is designed to be lighter and easier to install without an increase in price.

▼Cost down

Save up to 50% on cost-effective robot components.

To securely attach the energy chain or the protective hose to the robot, the user can now use various igus robotics clamps. Simple iglidur polymer brackets can be used to save a great deal of money quickly.

Save money thanks to chemical-resistant plastic trough

▼Cost down

58% cost saving by using an acid-resistant polymer trough instead of stainless steel

Guidance systems made of metal have well-known weaknesses: corrosion, complex assembly, high weight and cost.   The Guidelite-plus-EG guide trough material ensures high chemical resistance, making it ideal for use in electroplating and fertiliser production. Due to their lightweight and modular design, assembly is significantly simplified.

▼Cost down

Save 64.7% on control cables by dispensing with PUR and CF130.UL.D

With the chainflex price check, the right cable for your needs can be found very quickly. There is every electrical specification in 7 cable qualities. The choice is yours: cost-effective price or cable for high technical requirements.  This broad spectrum of cables enables you to greatly lower costs for any type of cable; an example is 64.7% savings for control cables with the cost-effective CF130.UL.D instead of the PUR cable (CF77.UL.D). 

Ready-to-install harnessed systems

▼Cost down

Save with ready-to-install systems: Eliminate storage costs for cables, e-chains, and connectors

Our just-in-time delivery dispenses storage of highly flexible cables, associated connectors, and any attachments. igus delivers readychain systems that are pre-assembled and harmonized to any application; in the final step, they can be installed on site.
readychain gives you a system solution in which all components used are harmonized to one another. Each system is tested on our test rigs.

▼Cost down

readychain reduces the number of suppliers and orders by 75%

You can order entire systems from igus with a single part number and and save valuable assembly time.
One order, one invoice, one delivery, one partner. Instead of procuring a large number of individual parts from various suppliers, you get everything from a single source with us. We take care of procuring the optimum components at the lowest prices and support your project from A to Z.
Individual or high-volume production
Cost down with smart plastics

▼Cost down

Save with solutions for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance

Intelligent maintenance in the era of Industry 4.0: with igus smart plastics, you can increase the dependability of machines and plan maintenance tasks precisely, reducing costs.

▼Cost down

Save drive power - reduce energy costs

Energy chain systems not only transport energy, data and media to machinery and equipment. They also have an influence on their energy costs. How much pull and push force, in other words drive power, is required at a given speed to move an energy chain? Smaller and lighter energy chains with identical stability or roller energy chains can help here.
Saving costs through energy-efficient energy chains
Reduce costs with a certified installation service

▼Cost down

Machine downtime – wasted money

Machines must work reliably and without problems. The requirement is reliable energy chains and cables. igus installation services avoid machine downtime.

How do I configure the most cost-effective energy chain
that can be relied on to do its job?


With our online configurators, you only have to complete a few steps to configure the perfect and most cost-effective energy chain that can be relied on to do its job. Calculation of the foreseeable service life of the energy chain and the chainflex cables.

Applications of our customers:

Safe and reliable energy supply in lifting work platforms with readychain®
The European market leader, which produces customised telescopic booms with different working heights, requires flexible energy supply systems for extremely small bend radii and installation spaces as well as low weight.
Linear robots and flat linear robots
Linear robots and flat linear robots play an important role in the handling of components and where machines and processes are interlinked. The wide variety of e-chain types from igus means that there is always one for every application - whether it is suitable in terms of weight, installation space, interior separation or filling.
Wheelchair loading system
Two energy chains from igus together with corresponding cables make an intelligent wheelchair loading system possible. igus e-chains  stand out due to their low weight, structural stability and, above all, their extreme operating quietness.

Yes, plastic energy chains can be recycled

Energy chain recycling program

Have your energy chains
processed in the igus chainge recycling program no matter which manufacturer they came from
so that reusable granulate material can be obtained.
 How it works

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