The alternative to busbar systems

micro flizz®: the alternative to busbar systems

Fast and smart: guide data, energy, fluids and air fail-safe in one system

Narrow compact spaces and fast movement in lanes, such as in storage and retrieval units, are common usage scenarios for busbar systems. Their big disadvantage: they can normally only be used for energy transmission, are hard to clean and maintenance is cumbersome. In order to be able to supply not only energy but also data, fluids and air simultaneously in the horizontal and vertical directions, igus has developed the micro flizz energy supply system - the alternative to busbar systems. With this, speeds of up to 6m/s and accelerations of up to 4m/s are2possible.
The micro flizz consists of a plastic energy chain that travels in an aluminium channel. In addition to highly flexible chainflex control, data and motor cables for tight bend radii, the energy chain can also guide hoses as well as fibre optic cable with data rates of up to 10GBit/s. If the user wants to monitor the transmission characteristics of his used bus cable, igus now offers the option of using the intelligent CF.D system in the micro flizz. The smart plastics innovation detects changes to the transmission characteristics of the cable in advance and provides timely information about an essential replacement. Therefore maintenance is planned in advance and an unexpected shutdown is avoided.

Advantages of the micro flizz - the alternative to busbar systems - at a glance:

  • Easy to clean, hardly any abrasion
  • Quiet, maintenance-free and easy to install
  • Operating speeds of up to 6m/s in high-acceleration applications
  • Data rates up to 10Gbit/s. Safely guides FOC and bus cables
  • Travels up to 100m
  • Can be installed horizontally and vertically
  • Little space required
  • Optional isense CF.D technology for bus cable monitoring
  • Also available with conductive ESD e-chain®
  • Pre-configured system in modular design

In practice, realised with the micro flizz - the alternative to busbar systems

micro flizz whitepaper

Whitepaper: busbars vs. energy chains

for crane electrification and applications with limited installation space

With various power supply options available and a range of application requirements to take into consideration, making a choice of which type of system to implement can be difficult. It is essential to consider the benefits and disadvantages of prospective energy supply systems before deciding which is best. Unlike steel systems, plastic cable carriers by igus are designed to resist abrasion and corrosion.

Whitepaper: download "busbars vs. energy chains"

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