Outdoor testing area

Test under real conditions ...

... this also means that we expose our bearings, cables and e-chains to the weather. Our outdoor test area takes up about one third of our 3,800m2 test laboratory. Here, we test our energy chain systems for their suitability in various outdoor applications, both horizontally on long travels and vertically on test towers. In the front loader and photovoltaic test rig, we find out whether our bearings can be used in the agricultural industry, construction machinery sector and the solar industry.

Test rigs for bearing technology products

Front loader test

Front loader test rig

The aim of this rig is to test various plain bearing/shaft combinations for the agricultural and construction machine sector under realistic conditions. Each test examines various combinations in a direct comparison.

Test rig for solar pillow block bearings

Service life, wear resistance and load capacity of igubal ESQM pillow block bearings for solar modules were examined under real loads of the daily motion sequence, simulated in a time-lapse. The number of movements achieved under a load of 1.5 tons corresponded to a service life of 72 years.

Test rigs for e-chains and cables

Test distance for long travels

On our 200m long test track for energy chains, travels of up to 400m can be tested. The e-chains can be moved automatically at a speed of up to 8m/s and an acceleration of 2m/s2. In the test, we tested the products P4, 4040RHD, autoglide 5 and i.Sense - condition monitoring systems.

Test track for short to long travels

On the 50m test track, up to three energy chains can be moved along a travel of 25m with an acceleration of 5m/s2 and a speed of 10m/s. Subjected to the test were the e-chains of the series P4, E4, autoglide 5 and the i.Sense - condition monitoring systems.
Video: the giant E4.350 chain with hook solution for offshore applications.

Test tower for vertical applications

On our 80m2 test stand, the e-chains YE, e-loop®, e-spool and i.Sense condition monitoring systems are tested at a height of 8m.
Video: a fully harnessed e-loop® with cable filling for a 500-ton top drive was subjected to endurance testing and exposed to all environmental elements as well as simulation of wind and vibrations.


The e-loop in the break test: the e-loop swings down from a height of 10m, hits a safe with full force – and remains completely undamaged.

Mobile shore power outlet

The iMSPO is a single self-propelled socket that can supply every ship at any location along the entire berth with power. For tests and demonstrations, we have set up a stand for the iMSPO in the outdoor area, where the socket moves at 1m/s and along a travel of 12m.
Test rig for hydraulic cables

Test rig for hydraulic cables

We measure the service life of various hydraulic cables on a 25m long test track. They are guided in an E4 series e-chain, which moves with an acceleration of 1m/s2 and a speed of 1m/s.

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