Profile rol e-chain® P4: for very high fill weights and speeds

Over 1,000 systems are in continuous use worldwide with conventional roller e-chains. Industry, in particular crane construction, places ever higher demands on travel length, fill weight, special and high travel speed with smooth operation at the same time. We can meet these demands with the P4 system. Systems of this type should be designed in conjunction with our engineering team. We can provide a quotation quickly. Please contact us.
  • Identical pitch of the e-chain® link with or without roller
  • The upper run rollers travel through the lower run rollers (not on top of each other, as in previous profile rol e-chains), which ensures smooth running.
  • Integrated captive roller in the side part
  • Long distances (up to 800m), high fill weights (up to 30kg/m)
  • For very long travels and high travel speeds up to >10m/s
  • AUTO-GLIDE crossbars ensure a safe guidance in very long travels
  • Available in 4 inner heights (32, 42, 56, 80mm)
  • Large modular P4 system with interior separation for the E4 system
  • Significant reduction of the drive force to less than 25% to move the energy chain
  • Can be equipped with i.Sense Condition Monitoring System
Other advantages at a glance
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rol e-chain® P4

Technical data:

Speed glidingAcceleration glidingigumid G material, permitted temperature °CFlammability class, igumid G
≤ 6 [m/s]≤ 50 [m/s2]-40°C/+120°CVDE 0304 IIC UL94-HB

Product range:

Series P4.32

Inner height: 32mm
Inner width: 100 - 250mm
Outer width: 132 - 282mm
Outer height: 54mm
Bend radius: 150 - 200mm

Series P4.42

Inner height: 42mm
Inner width: 100 - 200mm
Outer width: 154 - 254mm
Outer height: 64mm
Bend radius: 100 - 350mm

Test for long travels

The rol e-chain was tested with a travel speed of up to 8m/s over a distance of 200m, which corresponds to a 400m travel. The fully automatic system accounts for a wide range of applications in terms of acceleration and speed. In addition to the mechanical loads caused by the movement of the transfer vehicle, environmental influences act on the energy chains and cables being tested.

System P4 realised in real life

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