igus® Mobile Shore Power Outlet (iMSPO) with energy chains for long travels

How can we meet the challenges of providing shore power connections for all vessels today and tomorrow? Changes in shipping alliances, increasing ship sizes and limitations on construction in existing terminals provide challenges that cannot be solved with stationary shore power outlets.  


  • iMSPO is self-propelled and can be positioned anywhere along the berth
  • Installation of iMSPO on the quay wall above the fendering system
  • With igus rol e-chains for longer travels and heavy cable fills to cover an entire berth
  • All operations are controlled by a single control unit
  • Designed according to IEC 80005-1, Annex D - 6.6kV, 7.5MVA
  • Meets EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
  • Corrosion protection system according to C5-M
  • IP67 rating for electrical components
Contact an expert now and get a live demonstration
And this is how it works: animation of the iMSPO at the harbour
On site at igus: the system during a function test

Why use iMSPO?

Cost savings

Fewer constructional measures and lower installation costs thanks to a single movable socket instead of many fixed-position ones.

Reduction of fixed cabling, SPO’s and medium voltage gear

Reduce maintenance costs

One-time investment: install one iMSPO and don’t worry about future challenges

Proven technology, longer service life, cost efficient

Operational advantages

Connect ships regardless of size and mooring position

No obstacles on the terminal during positioning and electrification

Connectors deployed from the vessel can be connected directly and easily

Integrated safety interlocking procedure

Proven technology, longer service life, cost efficient

Reduce the work involved to make connections and increase occupational safety

Products used

rol e-chain®

Long travels and very high traversing speed

e-chain® Series 5050HD

High degree of stability and long travels over 200 m