Lubrication-free bearings and reliable cable protection in dental technology

Stick-slip-free movement sequences for treatment units or temperature-resistant moving elements for sintering or melting furnaces. Our energy chains and bearing technology is used, for example, in: dental X-ray systems for adapting to the patient, for guiding media in the adjustment of treatment units, for the smooth adjustment of support and device carriers, in hood furnaces or in machining centres for the production of dental prostheses.

Treatment unit

The dental chair is the heart of every treatment room. Intuitive operation, comfort, ergonomics and low maintenance requirements play an important role here. Bearing technology for linear or rotary adjustments as well as energy chains for guiding media should be as durable and quiet as possible. Stick-slip-free movements must also be ensured for a literally smooth user experience. With our absolutely lubrication-free and maintenance-free surfaces and corrosion-free materials, we meet these requirements. Our energy chain systems for installation in compact devices also ensure reliable guidance of power and data cables.
Dentist treatment unit

Seat mechanism

iglidur G plain bearings in dental seat mechanism Robust plain bearings
  • Suitable for heavy loads
  • Lubrication and maintenance-free
  • Excellent coefficient of friction
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Treatment light

Treatment light with iglidur JVSI plain bearings Pre-loaded plain bearings
  • Pre-loaded, completely clearance-free without load
  • Excellent wear resistance
  • Lubrication and maintenance-free
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Linear adjustments patient chair

drylin T in patient chair adjustment Compact linear bearings
  • Gliding instead of rolling for long service life
  • Consisting of extremely durable, lubrication-free sliding elements
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Height adjustment of the treatment unit

drylin SHT in dental treatment unit Lead screw linear module
  • Solid design
  • Various materials for shaft and lead screw
  • Can be supplied with motor and motor control system
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Height adjustment of the treatment unit

Energy chain in dental treatment unit Small energy chain
  • Compact with small bend radii
  • Quiet due to small pitch
  • Easy to fill
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Energy supply in the dentist element

Dental treatment unit with e-chain Torsion-resistant cable
  • Designed for high bending, centrifugal and torsion forces
  • Can be used in the tightest of installation spaces
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Dental X-ray machine

In imaging diagnostics in dental medicine today, sophisticated and detailed 360° visualisations can be created. From X-ray devices such as intraoral emitters to 3D tomographs, we offer all components for rotary and linear bearings as well as cable guides. Trouble-free, long-lasting, quietly moving but also economical solutions are important here.
Thanks to optimised coefficients of friction and wear, absolute freedom from lubrication and maintenance, and their high torsional strength, our solutions can be found universally in adjustable, pivoting or rotary bearings in imaging diagnostics. But we also offer a complete range of energy chains and cables for moving applications for the transmission of energy and data within medical devices.

Dental X-ray machine

Height adjustment of the tomograph

dryspin in height adjustment dryspin lead screw
  • Lubrication-free and maintenance-free linear technology
  • Up to 30% longer service life than conventional lead screw drives
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Cable guide height adjustment

E2 energy chain for cable guidance Compact energy chains
  • For safe cable guidance in confined spaces
  • Small pitch for quiet, smooth operation
  • High stability for a long service life
Learn more about E2 series energy chains

Height adjustment of chin rest

drylin SLW in height adjustment of chin rest Lead screw linear module
  • Compact lead screw linear adjustment
  • Torsion-resistant and bend-resistant
  • With stepper motors for electrical adjustments
Find out more about drylin SLW linear modules

Bearing arrangement of the scanner

PRT slewing ring bearing for the bearing arrangement of the scanner Slewing ring bearings
  • Light, compact and ready to install
  • With wear-resistant, lubrication-free and maintenance-free igldiur sliding elements
Learn more about PRT slewing ring bearings

Energy supply in rotation

Reverse Bend Radius rotating energy supply system for rotation Rotating energy supply
  • The standard for circular motion
  • Allows rotation angle of 900° and more
  • Rotation speeds of up to 360°/s possible
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Linear adjustment on the head piece

drylin for linear adjustment Sliding linear bearings
  • Lubrication-free and maintenance-free sliding elements
  • Robust and rust-proof for a long service life
  • Resistance to dust and dirt
Learn more about drylin N linear bearings

Dental milling machine

Milling machines for CAD/CDM production can be found in the dental laboratory, where they are used to produce dental prostheses with the highest precision. At the heart of the high-tech devices are the two milling heads that process the blank. The guidance of power and data cables to these milling heads must smoothly follow the fine movement sequences without restricting the work process. High accelerations and jerky movements are also among the requirements of cable guides in laboratory equipment. Our product portfolio supports dental laboratories here with energy chains, cables and bearing technology that enable reliable and maintenance-free operation

Dental milling machine

Cable guidance of the milling machine

E2.1 energy chain for the cable guidance of the milling machine Small energy chains
  • Compact with small bend radii
  • Quiet due to small pitch
  • Easy to fill
Learn more about E2.1 series energy chains

Ready-to-install e-chain for milling machine

reacychain for cable guidance of the dental milling unit Pre-assembled energy supply systems
  • Complete energy chain system including cables for time-saving installation
  • Harnessing time is reduced by up to 95%
Learn more about readychain energy supply systems

Linear adjustment of the housing doors

drylin W hybrid for housing guide Sliding linear bearings
  • Lubrication-free and maintenance-free sliding elements
  • Robust and rust-proof for a long service life
  • Resistance to dust and dirt
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Sample box for medical technology

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Successful applications in dental devices

Casting device in dental technology

Dental casting unit: Reliable closing

This casting equipment is used for the production of dental prostheses. Since the alloys used can heat up to several hundred degrees, a durable locking mechanism based on a drylin W profile guide is used.
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Applications in medical technology

... and other success stories

In this selection of other application examples, discover in which wheelchairs our bearing technology and energy chain systems are still successfully used.

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