Your special bearing made of high performance plastic with the desired shape, quantity and made of the most suitable material

"Show me the plastic part that gives you a problem. I'll provide you with a solution!" It was on the basis of this idea that Günter Blase established igus® more than 50 years ago and it still holds true today: customer-specific series-produced solutions are just as much part of our daily work as standard parts.  We have many different ways of manufacturing the exact parts you need. We will be happy to advise you on the technically and economically most efficient manufacturing method and recommend the perfect high-performance polymer materials for your individual case.

Your individual plastic plain bearing from igus®:

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  • Made to the highest quality standards
  • From the prototype to series production
  • Batch sizes and blanket orders according to your needs
  • The manufacture of FDA-compliant parts is part of our everyday work
  • Desired shape, desired material, desired quantity
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Serial production with the plastic injection moulding method: efficient, flexible, scaleable

Your benefits: 
  • When there is a need for serially produced components, with quantities ranging from a few thousand to several million.
  • Maintenance-free, resistant to chemicals and temperature extremes … Our iglidur® materials consist of wear resistant high-performance polymers with unique properties. We select the perfect material for your application.
  • Injection moulds are made in our toolshop.
  • We work with you to create the manufacturing drawing.
Having components made with the injection moulding method
Injection moulding machines in the igus® factory

Other manufacturing methods for your individual components and special bearings

Components are 3D-printed with the laser sintering method.

3D-printed component

We print your individual component, using lubrication-free, abrasion-resistant iglidur® high-performance plastics.  Simply fill in the enquiry form, attach file - e.g. CAD, STEP - and then send. You will then be advised by our experts.
Best suited for quantities of: 1 to 1000
Turning a component made of iglidur® high-performance polymers

Turned, milled or drilled component made from bar stock

Your individual components will be made of iglidur® bar stock, which consists of high-performance polymers. On the basis of your information and data files such as CAD or STEP, we will quote a price and, upon request, make the component. 
Best suited for quantities of: 1 to 500
3D-printed injection moulding tool with manufactured component inside it

Make a component with a 3D-printed injection mould

In the 3D printer, we make injection moulds made of high-performance polymers for your individual component. This saves time and up to 80% of costs. Due to their properties, the mould materials are able to withstand the high temperatures of the injection moulding process. This means that up to 500 parts can be made from a single mould.
Best suited for quantities of: 1 to 500
Injection moulding tool made of aluminium with manufactured component inside it

Injection moulding of components with aluminium tool

In the case of this method, individual components are made with aluminium tools. This procedure is very time-saving due to its lean manufacturing method – even in the case of very complex assemblies.  At the same time, the tooling costs are very low. Simply submit a 3D model and receive a quotation immediately.
Best suited for quantities of: 200 to 10,000

In two steps to your individual component

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Advantages of iglidur® materials

Each of our specially developed high-performance polymers possesses unique properties.

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